Sunday, June 17, 2012


For those, who don't know, I took the YSL Youth Liberator 30 day challenge-and it is my 3rd week now.

My own routine of using the line is constantly the same-so I apply the serum - twice a day, in the morning and evening; following with the day cream (which has SPF in it). I know I already mentioned this fact before however I believe, it is very important note-especially now, when there is more sunny days - we should think of sun-protection even more often!! One thing, which I personally noticed during using the cream- it is a great product when I don't have to wear my makeup that day. In other case, I have to replace it with different product because of a rich texture of the Forever Youth Liberator cream, which is not the best solution for an oily/combination skin.
Since the very beginning, I apply the eye cream only in the evening.The reason for skipping the application of eye cream in the morning is also because of my skin type -however you can apply it twice a day-especially if You have dry skin or wrinkles are Your main concern!!

So far, I have to admit that my skin is smoother and definitely more radiant & brighter!!!!!
Can't wait to share with You the results after the trial is over!!!

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