Saturday, June 30, 2012


Of all the perfumers, Guerlain certainly has some of the best credentials and its fragrances are famously ‘traditional’,and I have to admit - I fell in love with their scent creations right from the beginning when I was doing my own perfum research....
The house of Guerlain launched an exclusive and limited edition La Petite Robe Noir
 in 2009. Two year later, it also presented the second limited edition of the line, 
called La Petite Robe Noir 2. 
This year, Guerlain decided to relaunch the debut and to offer the fragrance - developed by in-house perfumer, Thierry Wasser - to broader market.

Inspired by the elegance of a little black dress, the perfume represents Parisian chic and gracefulness. It opens with interesting aromas of black cherry, bergamot, red berries and almond. Bulgarian and Turkish roses rule the heart, further developing with notes of licorice and smoked black tea. Aniseed, tonka bean, vanilla, iris and patchouli form the base note... If You are addicted to sweet and fruity fragrances - You will have to give this one a try!!!

I have to admit - I am totally in love with is the marketing concept for the scent. 
The Petite Robe Noire girl is a gorgeous illustration, and the ad campaign,
 created by French artists, Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Deygas,
 is full of tongue-in-chic fun, seeing the illustration gallivanting around Paris.

The new La Petite Robe Noire will be officially launched in Canada in August15th, 2012 - available for the first month exclusively at the Bay, and then - starting on September 15th - You will be able to buy this amazing fragrance at Guerlain Beauty Counters 
all over the country.

Available in 30ml, 50ml & 75ml - Eau de Parfum.

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