Thursday, December 29, 2016


A non-invasive way to achieve healthy, youthful skin without resorting to surgery.” - its the statement representing results  with the usage of the Environ Ionzyme DF machine. The DF Facial is quickly becoming a favourite among Hollywood’s elite, including Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo, among others.
But for those of you , who didn't hear about the Environ brand before - its one of the leading skincare brands in the world offering not only professional treatments but also proper home care beauty plans:-)
Jak zwykle, podczas mojej wizyty w Polsce - zawsze planujemy zabiegi upiekszajace w jednym z moich ulubionych instytutow pielegnacji skory (Instytut Zdrowia I Urody Kleopatra), ktory miesci sie w Koscianie i prowadzi go moja przyjaciolka - Beata Suszka. Jednym z zabiegow, ktore zaplanowalysmy - jest zabieg na twarz z uzyciem kwasu mlekowego oraz jonofrezy z firmy Environ. W celu wykonania jonoforezy, potrzebne jest specjalistyczne urzadzenie, pod nazwa DF machine. Dzieki jej uzyciu, skladniki preparatow, ktore sa  rozprowadzane na skorze - zwiekszaja penetracje witamin do wnetrza komorek zywej czesci naskorka, az 4-krotnie!
The Ionzyme DF machine provides facial treatments which are at the very forefront of scientific skin care.
The machine introduces the use of Pulsed Iontophoresis – the use of a specifically pulsed electrical current to facilitate penetration of vitamins into the cells, and Low Frequency Sonophoresis – the use of sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin.
The Ionzyme DF Machine has been specifically designed for Environ skin care treatments, and it is considered the most effective machine in the world today for enhancing the penetration of high doses of vitamins and serums into the skin.
With the powerful vitamin therapy of Environ there can be a remarkable change in the appearance of your skin.

Dla milosnikow nowosci kosmetycznych - zapraszam do odwiedzenia strony www salonu Kleopatra!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


When it comes to hair - I've been always very conscious about proper way of treating them.
When I moved to Canada - especially to Calgary - my hair condition changed dramatically because of dryness. That was one of my main concern, but on the top of that being an active woman - it got greasy very easily. So how to keep healthy scalp, moisture and shine?

During my visit in Poland this Christmas - I've had a chance to discover Medavita - the leading Italian brand for haircare treatments founded over 50 years ago in Milan.
All of their products must offer the utmost efficacy right away, respecting the physiology of the scalp and hair. Their main ingredients are just essential oils and ultra-pure plant extracts selected with great care all over the world.

A rich blend of precious, rare ingredients to give the hair the shine and splendour of the stars - its the mission behind one of Medavita hairline - Huile d’Étoile.

The new complete treatment line containing oils -the most ancient and precious ingredient for beautiful, light, silky hair (including Sacha Inchi Oil (rich in fatty acids), Mooring Oil ( adds shine and protects the hair), Cyperus Oil (revitalizing and nourishing), and Linseed Oil ( nourishing and preventing from frizzing).

The line include: Sheen oil intensive care, Captivating oils shampoo pH 5.5, Shining oils hair mask pH 3,  Multi-active youth hair serum pH 3.5 and Radiance Revealing oil).

What an experience.
My hair not only feels different from the first use of the products but it also looks healthy and shiny!!!
Thank You Medavita Polska for the beautiful treat:-)

Thank You Medavita Polska for beautiful Christmas gift

Sunday, December 18, 2016


Designs : La Mania
Photography : Filip Okopny

With my friend& "partner-in-crime" at LaMania fashion show - 
stunning @ewawojciechowska

Caught in the first row...

Selfie&smile w/ LaMania Creative Director&Designer  - 
Joanna Przetakiewicz

My love for black&white
Before LaMania fashion show

Saturday, November 12, 2016


When I got my first email from Kari - the owner of Glo Antiaging Treatment Bar in Calgary - it already sounded interesting. And after our first phone conversation - I knew there are is a great synergy between us - because we both are passionate about what we do:-)

Those of you who didn't have a chance to read my earlier posts related to Glo - well its a new clinic in Calgary offering wide range of beauty services through one of a kind communication with personalized program targeting client's individuals needs.

When we first met in late July- we had one-on-one consultation after which together with Branda - aesthetician and also co-owner of Glo - we've created customized plan getting my skin ready for our annual big gala - Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala happening first week of November.
Being a business woman, blogger, stylist and mom - we had to create a plan that would cooperate with my schedule - and we did it:-)
Once every 3/4 weeks I had HydraFacial treatment followed by Venus Viva (face) the following week. These two treatments were chosen to help with the texture of my skin, getting rid of some pigmentation and sun-damaged spots - and just to get my GLOW back.
In the meantime - whenever I had time of course - I was stopping at the clinic for 25minutes lymphatic drainage - after which I felt absolutely amazing - energized - and less "puffy" (as you know ladies how it feels sometimes:-)

The Glo was not only the perfect choice to get customized beauty plan for my skin - but they were also amazing partner&sponsor for our annual campaign and the gala event!
Thank you Kari & Branda for sharing your passion, vision and for trusting me/us in our vision!!!
Absolutely in love with your place!!

Right after my VenusViva face treatment with lovely Branda

During my HydraFacial treatment

My glowing skin after the HydraFacial treatment

In the process of having my Glycolic Peel treatment..

I smile. My skin smiles. 
My body appreciates whats happening - during the lymphatic drainage.

Just a week before 2016 Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala

The Big Day - 2016 Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I think most of us- women - loves everything that sparkles - including jewellery and.. diamonds...and although I had a chance to attend many interesting events hosted by worldwide known brands - I think the one I just attended this past Wednesday was definitely one of the most unique ones hosted by Brinkhaus Jewellers in Calgary who partnered with Forevermark and organized The Diamond Journey – an exclusive event to celebrate the Canadian debut of the Forevermark Exceptional Diamond Collection. 

My personal tools - learning about diamonds

Forevermark is the diamond brand from The De Beers Group of Companies with over 125 years of diamond expertise - these diamonds are carefully selected and come from sources committed to very high standards ( only less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are worthy of the Forevermark inscription – an assurance that each diamond is rare and beautiful).

What was really interesting was the fact that I could learn about the craftsmanship of the Forevermark brand as well as having an opportunity to sort of rough diamonds  (with specially prepared kit of tools:-) and of course – trying on jewellery   (my favourite - yellow 23 carats diamond)!

My special ThankYou to Brinkhaus Jewellers & Forevermark for having me being part of this one-of-a kind diamonds journey.  

My special ThankYou to Brinkhaus Jewellers & Forevermark Diamonds for invitation

What a pleasure to wear special 23 carats yellow diamond 
worth over 4.6 million CAD (in retail)