Friday, August 19, 2016


Just couple of weeks ago I've had a chance to celebrate my Birthday - those of you who know me or had a chance to celebrate with me - you know we've always done it the "dinner style".
This year - because motherhood got even more busy:-) - I thought it would be nice to celebrate it a little bit differently - in a way that all ladies would enjoy it - so I thought about hosting mani/pedi party at one of my favourite places in Calgary, located in Mission (on 4th street) - Uptown Boutique Nails&Spa!!

Uptown offers high quality beauty services - focusing on nails - using the top brands available on the market. Moreover, beside the amazing interiors (feels like being in NYC) - the staff is just amazing- so professional and kind.

Beautiful interior design of the Uptown:-)

Couple of my fav nail polish brands - @TomFord & @Louboutin

There is no way I could celebrate my Birthday without champagne - so we all enjoyed chilled Taittinger Champagne (thanks Tiffany for organizing:-) on the hot Saturday afternoon:-)

Special THANKYOU to Taittinger Champagne for my fav "bubbles"

Delicious appetizers from Yann Haute Patisserie 

While chatting and catching up (getting our nails done) all ladies truly enjoyed some appetizers prepared by chef Yann Blanchard from Yann Haute Patisserie (thank you Jeraldine!!).

Getting my hair "fixed" by my talented and lovely friend - Shauna Jayne Bellerose:-)

Few of my lovely GF:-)

Cheers w/beautiful Lana:-)

Special surprise - quick visit of my baby Olivier:-)

Special ThankYou to all of my girlfriends - who made it and celebrate my birthday that day - and to all of you who sent me kind notes & wishes!!!
Lots of love sent your way!!!

Special THANK YOU note to talented Paulina Ochoa Photography for taking amazing photos & capturing unforgettable moments!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Just last week I had a chance to experience my first treatment at 
Glo Antiaging Treatment Bar in Calgary!
Why??? Because of few reasons!
Those of you who know me and follow me for some time - know how much I love beauty and all news related to this topic. Moreover, as a beauty blogger, stylist, person who work within fashion and media industry - I know how important it is to keep your skin looking fresh and..glowing:-)
Well - after becoming a mom - I have been so busy with the new role as well as working full time and doing million other things! So maintaining healthy, glowing skin is sometimes a challenge!
Another reason - this new beauty spot in Calgary will get me GLO ready for our annual Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala in November - as one of our partners supporting this project - all to raise importance of culture in our life and..give back by raising funds for this year charity of choice - Kids Cancer Care in Alberta!!

After my first personalized consultation with Keri and Branda (love these ladies!) - I've had my first treatment done last week, called HydraFacial.
It's all about hydrating the skin(after cleansing of course and few other steps!) which is a first step to get my skin ready for my next treatment  - Venus Viva (I am so excited for this one so stay tuned!!)

Happily waiting for my first treatment at GLO!

During my first HydraFacial treatment

My skin felt absolutely amazing after the treatment - looking fresh and radiant event without the makeup!!
You will definitely see the difference after just first session!!
If you would like to learn more about this amazing beauty to-go place in Calgary as well as about their services - check their website or visit the place - you won't be disappointed!!

p.s. After my facial - Branda hooked me up with Lymphatic Drainage treatment - after just 25 minutes - I felt re-energized and...lighter:-) Perfect for those of you who need eliminate toxins, puffiness and actually - amazing for regular travellers!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Just recently I have been introduced to this beauty brand - called Zorah Biocosmetiques - made in Quebec Canada featuring the power of precious oil - Argan oil. This precious oil, which has been used in Morocco for centuries, contains extraordinary dietary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic properties. It is extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree–a tree unique to Morocco–which is grown to fight desertification and happens to be protected by UNESCO.

What I love about the line is the fact that it is an organic, environmentally friendly and fair-trade line of products. Moreover, Zorah biocosmétiques is not only recognized for the quality and effectiveness of its products and service, but the entire line was created ecologically using only the finest organic and fair-trade ingredients.

I've had a Kaïla i've had a chance to test 4 of their products: Kaila, Sitala, Hani & their Volumizing Mascara.

Kayla is 2in1 cleansing gel that gently and deeply cleans and purifies the skin. 
Used for thousands of years by North American Natives to detoxify and deeply cleanse skin, Canadian elderflower has a calming and effect on skin. Kaïla soothes inflamed skin while boosting its immune defense system. Caress your face with this mild and relaxing gel that will leave your skin soft and glowing. Its great for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Sitala is great moisturizer that deeply tones, moisturizes and nourishes your skin! Exceptionally effective, sitala  stimulates skin cell regeneration, leaving skin firm and toned.What I found great about this product is its tightening effects that you can feel as you apply it. Sitala will make you look like you’ve had a natural “face lift”!

Well - I think you will love this product for sure - especially during the summertime!!!
Hani is the first and only after-sun skin care to offer the active benefits of an exclusive blend of Organic Argan, Chìa, and Kendi oils.
It reduces redness and sun damage, as well as instantly soothes and refreshes sun-exposed skin and rapidly regenerates dried-out skin. It has high concentration of  Omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamin E, and anti-oxidants.

If you are looking for that perfect mascara that works great in your inner-corners of your eyes - this is the one you have to try!!!
Supple and fine bristles at the tip of the brush surround and separate even the tiniest lash, while firm and thick bristles at the base of the brush shape lashes. Intense black color from pure mineral pigments. This unique formula, enriched with organic Argan oil, surrounds and treats each lash to give it breathtaking volume and perfect definition. What is great about this mascara is the fact that it is opthalmologically tested & suitable for use with contact lenses.

For more information about the brand and their products, visit their website!!
If you would like to purchase them in Calgary - you can find the products at @PlanetOrganic stores across the city:-)