Monday, August 8, 2016


Just last week I had a chance to experience my first treatment at 
Glo Antiaging Treatment Bar in Calgary!
Why??? Because of few reasons!
Those of you who know me and follow me for some time - know how much I love beauty and all news related to this topic. Moreover, as a beauty blogger, stylist, person who work within fashion and media industry - I know how important it is to keep your skin looking fresh and..glowing:-)
Well - after becoming a mom - I have been so busy with the new role as well as working full time and doing million other things! So maintaining healthy, glowing skin is sometimes a challenge!
Another reason - this new beauty spot in Calgary will get me GLO ready for our annual Fashion Calgary Portrait Campaign Gala in November - as one of our partners supporting this project - all to raise importance of culture in our life and..give back by raising funds for this year charity of choice - Kids Cancer Care in Alberta!!

After my first personalized consultation with Keri and Branda (love these ladies!) - I've had my first treatment done last week, called HydraFacial.
It's all about hydrating the skin(after cleansing of course and few other steps!) which is a first step to get my skin ready for my next treatment  - Venus Viva (I am so excited for this one so stay tuned!!)

Happily waiting for my first treatment at GLO!

During my first HydraFacial treatment

My skin felt absolutely amazing after the treatment - looking fresh and radiant event without the makeup!!
You will definitely see the difference after just first session!!
If you would like to learn more about this amazing beauty to-go place in Calgary as well as about their services - check their website or visit the place - you won't be disappointed!!

p.s. After my facial - Branda hooked me up with Lymphatic Drainage treatment - after just 25 minutes - I felt re-energized and...lighter:-) Perfect for those of you who need eliminate toxins, puffiness and actually - amazing for regular travellers!!!

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