Saturday, May 19, 2018


It was definitely wedding that everyone was waiting for to see this year - the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.
And we couldn't find a better occasion than that to chat on CTV News Calgary with beautiful Jocelyn Laidlaw about some fashions - that might be also great options for upcoming weddings&special events season!

Special Thank You:
Photography: Venray Images
Make-Up - Glam_And_Beyond
Hair: Jamie Borhot / PurpleChromeHair
Models : Michele, Emily, Billee, Lesha, Raj!

Thank You to the brands&stores that I've got a chance to showcase in this special segment:

Look: Laura Canada

Look: Moda Bella

Look: Melanie Lyne

Look: Studio Maviz

Look: Blush&Raven


Reception Area
(photography: Zoon Media)

(photography: Zoon Media)

"Honesty. Integrity. Results. To be treated like family in our clinic and leave feeling cared for, confident, and refreshed" - it is a main statement being Revive Laser & Skin Clinic here, in Calgary. Before I went and check the clinic myself - I did scroll through their website - and I felt inspired reading this. In the beauty world, where things change some quickly because of new technologies, procedures & products being introduced to the beauty market - finding those three components existing together - is not only hard but also - should be a key in creating long-term relationship with the customer. So I thought - it is time to give it a try myself....:-)
Some Products Display
(photography: Zoon Media)

Revive Laser offers a harmonious blend of a medical environment and a spa to give their clients the most comfortable and relaxing experience possible. They have partnered with one of the most renowned laser manufacturers on the market that has 50 years of laser research behind them. Beside providing their clients amazing results with advanced laser treatments that offer the least discomfort and downtime, they also have a very special laser gynecology treatments performed by Registered Nurse with an extensive Obstetrics & Gynecology experience focusing on incontinence/vaginal tightening. It is an amazing solution for many women (especially moms!) who are considering irreversible mesh surgery to fix the problem of stress urinary incontinence (for more information about this specific laser treatments - check the website here ).

Many of you always ask me - how do I connect with all of these places. Well, it is all about the power of social media:-) We've connected via Instagram - and to be honest - there was that instant "connection" between myself and ladies behind Revive.
Amilie Doyle and Alaina Crook - are just lovely women who I just had a pleasure to meet in person last week - and honestly can't wait to go back for my planned series of treatments! Both of them are Advanced Laser Technicians & Skin Care Specialists - but what is so inspiring is surely their journey leading towards opening the clinic.
They both left careers in the financial industry and decided to make the career change into the medical laser and aesthetics industry. Alaina and Amilie met during their laser education and quickly realized that they share the same entrepreneurial dreams and passion for skin care. They have been business partners ever since.
The moment you meet them - you will be able to tell how extremely passionate about what they do they are!!  

The consultation room at Revive:-)

Treatment Room
(photography: Zoon Media)

Everything you should know about the laser treatments - this is surely a place to check. Revive offers range of treatments using incredible FOTONA laser machine - that provides incredible results with the best technologies available on the beauty market. The list of treatments includes laser hair removal, facial&body treatments as well as laser gynaecology (this is amazing!). For complete list of services - check their website!

My first experience was amazing - we had of course a consultation session (more of a brainstorming session) trying to figuring out my beauty needs (and expectations) as well as form the ideal collaboration journey between us (stay tuned!).
This time - because my schedule has been insane for the last month ( I say it every month!) - I didn't have enough time for a "special" treatment - but because I was just before getting ready for my special CTV Calgary segment - talking about Royal Wedding fashions- I surely needed a boost that would help me getting my glow back (I have been constantly on the go lacking so much of sleep!). Because my skin was dull and little bit "dirty" - we've decided that the best & quickest way to help my skin would be doing a combination of two treatments performed one after another - microdermabrasion and a Glow Gel peel!
Microdermabrasion is a non-laser, painless procedure which removes the superficial layer of dull, dry, dead skin cells and reveals refreshed, even-toned, healthy looking skin. uses a diamond tip to gently exfoliate the skin’s dull surface, while a vacuum removes dead skin cells. This process stimulates blood flow, leaving the skin feeling smooth, soft, and firm (it is suitable for all skin types and skin tones).
After the first step - Alaina applied the peel (it was little bit tingling at the beginning as the microdermabrasion really cleaned my pores!) but you should see my skin right after she washed my face!! My skin hasn't felt so "clean" and "soft" for a long time!

If you are having a special event (grad, wedding etc) planned - this "combo" would be definitely something you should consider getting done prior you Big Day!

And with special events season happening now - Revive Laser Clinic has special package available (includes: Laser Teeth Whitening, Microdermabrasion, Gel Peel, Glo Professional Mineral Makeup Kit). Ask the clinic for more information!!

Happy & Ready for my special treatments at ReviveLaserCalgary
Microdermabrasion&Peel - Getting My Glow Back

During The Microdermabrasion

The Moment of Getting My Glow Back- The "Peel Time":-)

Peel - Featuring SkinCeuticals

If you are in search of the place in Calgary that offers results - oriented laser treatments - you should definitely check Revive Laser & Skin Clinic. Not only it is going to be surely a positive and uplifting experience for you - but results you will be able to see (many times - just after 1st treatment!) will make you to go back there again!

Thank you Amilie and Alaina for our last time together and bringing my glow back (getting my  skin ready for my special CTV segment !) Can't wait for more....

Happy Face - right after my treatment:-)

Saturday, April 21, 2018


With my beautiful team!
Stores: Hudson's Bay / TopShop Canada / Moda Bella
Make-Up: Glam_And_Beyond
Hair: Jamie Borhot / PurpleChromeHair Salon

Monday, April 2, 2018


Beginning of this year - I was contacted by one of the PR companies who represents a skincare brand called Universkin. They asked me if I would be interested in learning more and also-trying the line by getting my personalized skincare products. Since I have been working in the beauty and media industry for years and I am always excited about new technologies and approaches when it comes to aesthetics - I just couldn't say "no".
Before I had my assessment done at the one of Calgary's dermatology clinics - Market Mall Dermatology - I had enough time to learn more about the line.

 It is told to be one of the most powerful and effective, 100% personalized skincare brands available. The Universkin formulations are created specifically for each client to address all her/his skincare concerns in just two products, one for day and one for night. 
With 19 pharmaceutical grade “Actives” available in 57 possible concentrations that can be used to create almost 1,200 unique formulations, no other skincare can begin to match it. Developed in Europe by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, Universkin just had its launch in Canada (before it’s available in the U.S. ) this year - and I was happy to be among firsts to try it!
A consultation determines everyone's very specific skincare needs, whether it’s stressed skin, wrinkled skin, loss of volume, inflammation, acne, rosacea, oily skin and melasma among other conditions. The Universkin-trained specialist chooses from 19 Actives, adding them to Universkin’s patented P serum, and your personalized formula is created on the spot, right before your eyes, with absolutely no preservatives. Formulations can be adjusted throughout the year according to seasons and your skin’s changing needs. 

The Universkin serum

 At the base of each custom formula is the Universkin P Serum consisting of high quality ingredients in perfect harmony with your skin (Omega 3 and Vitamin E sourced from organic camelina oil allow the skin to produce natural anti-inflammatory compounds; Biomimetic peptides are biological messengers for the physiological balance of the skin; and Hyaluronic Acid maintains the skin's extracellular matrix).
Up to 3 pharmaceutical-grade "active" ingredients are added to the base (after your skin evaluation targeting specific needs) and custom formulas are created within one minute on the spot. What is so unique is that formulas last up to eight weeks (because of active ingredients) so the line is designed to give you results after those 2 months of using it (you should be able to see results after first month of using it!).

Got my box with personalized skincare  - two serums (day and night)!!

 I would like to Thank You Universkin and Universkin Canada for giving me an opportunity to test the products - after using it for two months already I can tell that my skin texture improved as well as my dark spots and melasma diminished!!!
(super happy about that!)

Excited to try the new skincare - Universkin:-)

Happy with my personalized set of Universkin Serums:-)

Saturday, March 10, 2018



At first-this was surely a surprise being asked to be a part of the photoshoot for Filipino Canadian Magazine joining these inspiring and strong women - Anne Corpuz-Bacalso, Judith Barran, Angie Barbero Ostojic - all representing Filipino community. During the photoshoot I’ve had a chance to learn how supportive and engaging they are. It surely gives a reason to think how the community succeed because of team work.

Special Thank You to Abel Pagaling & Armand M. Flores for including me in this special feature and congratulations on succeeding your vision. Thank You to Glam_And_Beyond for your ongoing support!
Special Thank You to Rafal Wegiel who constantly believes in me and supports all the way❤️
Thank you to my Friends (YOU know Who You Are:-) and everyone who see the “true me” behind all the glam shots and cheerleading along the way.

To see the full article and interview with me: click the link below: