Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today’s modern, well-informed consumer seeks out high-tech skincare formulations and treatments that produce noticeable results, quickly. DOCTOR BABOR products allow you to take your beauty concerns into your own hands. These cosmeceutical innovations make signs of aging a thing of the past.
The BABOR Research and Innovation Centre in Aachen, Germany, headed by Andrea Weber and her team of dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, physicians and molecular biologists, worked in concert with leading authorities in plastic surgery to develop the DOCTOR BABOR range of skincare products. The revolutionary line of cosmeceuticals combines the very latest developments in science and medicine. BABOR’s rich history of combining highly effective, natural active ingredient based formulations with innovative treatment methods allow consumers to experience convincing results – similar to those achieved by injectables and plastic surgery. Results such as this are what consumers have come to expect from BABOR, the world leader in luxury professional skincare.

Last week I had was invited by the owner of Babor Beauty Spa in Calgary - Helene Levesque - for trying one of Dr.Babor beauty treatments - Skin Brightening Cellular therapy.
It's well known that for thousands of years, people have been striving to achieve an even, flawless, porcelain complexion with refined pores. That was always one of my skincare priorities and goals (as I am very conscious about my skin), however for quite a while I've been struggling with hyperpigmentation.
That's why when I came to the SPA - the skin therapist - Andree Paradis  - recommended trying Dr. Babor Brightening Cellular Treatment.

Brightening Cellular Treatment is designed to lighten and brighten the skin by helping hyperpigmentation formation and providing a luminous glow.
The treatment starts with cleansing, followed by exfoliation (I love this part when it comes to results however it was quite tingling as my pores were quite large, and I just got back from a sunny destination). The treatment also includes application of Skin Brightening Serum & Mask, followed by lotion or cream(depending on your skin type).

What is so nice about each treatment you experience at Babor salons is that you can continue the therapy at home by using certain skincare line. The Brightening Cellular line includes serum, mask and cream/lotion. Using all of them will gives your skin lots of benefits, including lightening the appearance of the complexion, reducing hyperpigmentation, increasing skin elasticity, smoothness and suppleness. Moreover, they protect and hydrate (so needed especially in dry Calgary!).

Can't wait to start my brightening routine at home!!!
Thank you Helene & Babor Beauty Spa for a beautiful gift!!!


I was super excited when I heard one of the lingerie leader - WonderBra announced its WonderBra 75th anniversary collection for Fall 2014!!!

The brand renews itself this season by presenting a line of contemporary feminine lingerie on hangers.
Stylish and practical, the new collection is divided into four segments, each focusing on a particular benefit: comfort, femininity, curve-enhancing and breathability.

Classy and daring, this collection proposes an array of exceptionally functional bras and panties that offer trendy elegance and a sense of well-being for today's busy woman!!

This Fall, the WonderBra brand introduces a contemporary collection for the active, independent woman. With the new slogan "Be Your Best" and a modern and chic collection, the brand definitely showcases the beauty of the female silhouette in its many glorious forms!!!

"Given the expectations of women today, the introduction of a segment centered on bra appeal was only natural. Above all, modern women want to feel beautiful and confident, and that's exactly what we offer with this collection. Much more than just a wardrobe staple, WonderBra undergarments are, withut question, this season's hottest fashion accessory!" says Karine Allard, WonderBra Chief Designer at HanesBrands Inc.

The collection also features a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness bra, $5 of each bra sale will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Can't wait to try my new set of lingerie!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It's been an exciting waiting time for all Canadian #fashionistas since Fall 2012 - especially those living in Calgary - as Nordstrom has launched its first international location at Chinook Centre in Calgary! The opening gala, hosted on September 17th, 2014 by members of the Nordstrom family (tickets were sold out to 1,800 guests within just 2 days!!) and raised $180,000 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation and United Way of Calgary.

 With @NordstromYYC Manager - Shelia Wooldridge(on the right)

Beautiful #beauty section at Nordstrom in Calgary

Invited guests had a chance to taste Hotel Arts’ cocktails and delicious (and visually unique!!) hor’s oeuvres, such as waffle cones, Alberta lamb popsicles, fried chicken, and roasted yellow and purple beet goat cheese lollipops—and few more!!
 It was a glamorous evening - just think of two spacious levels with apartment-style change rooms and 30 real models presenting such brands, like Missoni, Marc by Marc Jacobs or Rag & Bone.
 One of my favourite is definitely the shoe department with Valentino, Chloe, and what makes me so excited - exclusive shoe line designed for Nordstrom by Sarah Jessica Parker!!! 

Delicious creations by @HotelArtsYYC

I absolutely loved the background live music thanks to Toronto-based recording artist - Sean Jones!! (you really wanted to start dancing!)

Everyone was leaving the new store with fresh flowers bouquet (what a nice gesture Nordstrom!)

Must-try @NordstromYYC restaurant - Bazille

One of the stylish guests:-) (from DaDe Art)

Together with Calgary Jewellery's - Bernard Florence

Calgary was very lucky to have Nordstrom opening first at our city - the next steps are openings at Ottawa’s Rideau Centre on March 6, 2015; Pacific Centre in Vancouver in Fall 2015; Toronto Eaton Centre and Yorkdale Centre in Toronto in Fall 2016; and Sherway Gardens in Toronto in Spring 2017!!


I was waiting with that news to share but now - being almost 6 months pregnant - I am so excited to spread my joy with all of my readers&followers - but mostly other expecting Moms!

Since it is my first baby (o.s. it's going to be be a boy:-) every day is a new discovery for me, I am facing challenges that I've just heard about - and trying to find solutions can be tough - so I decided to share my prenatal journey till the day of welcoming our baby into the world:-)

I know so many expecting women are scared and complaining about the way their body changes; some of them stop feeling beautiful; many of them have hard time to find good quality clothing but still looks stylish&fashionable. What about those type of questions: what necessary items should I get for a baby, how to convince my husband to support me&take prenatal classes with me (event where to look for them) - the list could probably go endless - but my goal is to help all of you - Mommies-To-Be - how to stay healthy, feel&look beautiful and be prepared for the new baby to arrive!!!

Together with few brand names&companies we created this exciting project - and at this point I would already like to say "ThankYou" to Bikram Yoga Calgary South (especially Lyndsay and Morgan). Diva Salon&Spa (thanks Rasha), Aurora Midwifery and Healthy Birth Choices ( Rhonda&Sue), as well as to my talented friend - Lea Romanowski (Designing On The Edge) for creating beautiful fresh flower crown & of course to my husband - Rafal - for taking the picture we could use for our promo poster:-)

I started this project by taking one-on-one Bikram yoga class with Lyndsay - twice a week in the morning (sometimes it's so hard for me to get up:-(. Lynsday is amazing instructor - and especialy because she had he daughter almost couple of years ago - she shares her joy with me also by encouraging me to take those hot yoga classes regularly. Apparently they help a lot, not only with your physical appearance - but mainly-it trains your brain how to stay focus&conscious and how to control your breathing - which I am sure will help me during delivery (thank God there is still few months ahead of me:-)I will try to share some pictures and maybe do a quick video demonstrating you some of the postures(that you can also do at home)!!

This week I had a chance to finally spoil myself by having extraordinary treatment at Diva Salon&Soa - Chinook location - with my favourite beauty practitioner&senior aesthetician - Sarah.
I am going to be seeing her once a month - for the next four months!!
This time we decided to do hand&foot treatments - so Aveda Foot Relieving Treatment - followed by shellac (which I've never done before).

Chinook is actually one of my favourite Diva's location - their spa is located on the upper level - and after changing in my robe (I had to take a picture!!) we went to the beauty room to do my for treatment!
First we've started with choosing the right combination of oils - and of course I went with "energizing one" (I need that constantly!). For those of you who have never been at any of Diva's salon - they are one of the city's only Aveda lifestyle salons, whose plant derived products will leave you looking and feeling your best!!

Aveda Foot Relieving Treatments are customized with Aveda's pure plant and flower products, for balance and recovery of hands and feet, combined with nail grooming.
I really enjoyed myself sitting on one of those comfortable massage chairs - while Sarah was making sure I am actually relaxing at the same time.
You can really "switch off", and after exfoliating your legs&feets with scrub & applying a lotion(mine was with mint scent - so cooling and refreshing) you feel like re-born!!

Although I am not a big fan of shellac - it might be a good option for you - expecting Moms - because as a great alternative to gel nails - if done properly - it can really give you a break from worrying about your nails&color for about 2 weeks!!

Diva Salon&Spa hand and foot care menu is quite extensive - it also have Caribbean Therapy hand&foot treatment, Botanical Skin Resurfacing hand&foot treatment and of course - artistic nails services!!

For more information - you can either visit Diva's website or call one of the 7 salons' locations!!!

Me&Sarah after the treatments - happy faces:-)