Saturday, June 30, 2012


Dear Ladies!
Although we just got into the summer season - as a Makeup Artist, I am always interested about what is going to be launched for next season when it comes to beauty&makeup. Well, all I can say - You better start preparing Your wallets!!!
Guerlain's upcoming Fall 2012 Makeup Collection is dedicated to the pleasure and sensuality of colours and plays on reds and pinks, celebrating 2 cult shades: Rouge d'Enfer and Rose Angelique.

Again, Guerlain's Face for the upcoming collection is Natalia Vodianova, who is wearing the new Rouge G L'Extrait - liquid, creamy, ultra-pigmented and velvety lip colour. The texture is so sensual. What is very interesting - although formula is liquid - the colour becomes matt in a few moments and reveals its superb qualities: non-sticky, non-drying and non-feathering. But wait - this is just the beginning-the ingredients make me even more excited!! One of the star ingredients is hyaluronic acid - to smooth and plump the lips; and tiger grass or Centella asiatica - known for stimulating collagen synthesis and boosting the firming process!!!
Available in 7 shades!!

Women change their outfit, lipstick and handbag each day - so why not their BLUSH???
Rose aux Joues is a must for all women who have decided to have fun with colours in total freedom and seduction.

The six blush duo take up the colour classification of Guerlain lipsticks: red, pink, beige and orange!!
Here are the shade numbers:
01 Peach Boy, 02 Chic Pink, 03 Over Rose, 04 Pink Punk, 05 Golden High and 06 Red Hot.

Few tips on how to mix&match with Your lips:
- if You are wearing red lipstick - pair it with a pink blush to express Your femininity, or an orange one for a sun-kissed look;
- if You opted for a beige - choose a pink blush for a flawless finish;
- if Your lips are dressed in pink - try a red blush or an orange - for a pop effect!
- if You are wearing orange lipstick - sweep beige over your cheeks!!

More colours...again...and again!!!!
Rouge G returns with five new elegant shades marked with the timeless flame of femininity. Poppy red, deep red, intense pink, brick orange and shiny beige - jewel shades to arouse every desire!!!

Also, a silky Lasting Colour High-Precision Lip Liner is back in a nude beige - number 42 - Bois des Indes, as well as two shades in Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine - 851(Sable Show!) & 873(Grenade In!).

There is also new shades pallettes for Long-Lasting Eyeshadows - 14 Les Fauves - a variation between warmth of oranges and browns; and 11 Les Roses!!

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