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As most of you know - I am expecting a baby - baby boy - and for quite a while I am sharing my pregnancy journey with my followers, fans as well as other expecting Moms:-)

Because I was always not only into fashion - but also into beauty world - finding best beauty products, testing them and share my feedback with the audience - was one of my regular projects:-)
As soon as I found out I am going to be a Mommy (that was in May when I was visiting my family back in Europe) I knew that I will have to take an extra care of my body. Hearing so much from my friends about their complaints about stretch marks & cellulite - made me little bit scary - so I decided to include in my daily routine special items introduced as anti stretch marks products.

Being already 8 months pregnant - I've had a chance to test few of them and wanted to share with you my feedback.
One of the first products I've tried was Bio-Oil.
Bio-Oil PurCellin Oil  is a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil is alos highly effective for aging and dehydrating skin. 
What I really like about this product is definitely the smell and consistency. I've also notices that my scars on my decollete are minimized (as I don't have scars on my face - just pigmentation changes due to the sun exposure in the past).

During my shopping experience at one of the maternity stores in Calgary - Destination Maternity - I saw different oil formula designed especially for expecting Moms, called Belli - Elasticity Belly Oil.
This product claims maintaining the look of smooth, healthy skin with scientifically researched ingredients• including Vitamin E and Gotu Kola that help prepare skin for stretching.
It contains a luxurious blend of pure plant extracts, cocoa butter, lavender and sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and grapeseed oil.
What I like about this product is definitely the packaging - as it has a pump-which makes the application process easier - however I don't necessary like the consistency - as it dries out quite quickly therefore I had to use more product to massage selected body parts.

When I talked to my Mom over the phone one day (she lives back in Poland) - she said she bought me a gift - as she knows I am obsessed with body care products.
Right after the package arrived - I started testing Collistar Intensive Anti-Stretchmarks Cream!
Thanks to an innovative formula that acts specifically on the physiological reserve of collagen and elastin, this cream ensures a double effectiveness helping to prevent the formation of stretchmarks and minimizing any existing ones. Rich and smooth, the cream is quickly absorbed without leaving any greasy traces and, thanks to the proteins of silk, gives the skin an immediate velvety effect.
I have to say from all 3 of the products I've tested - the Collistar cream is definitely my winner!!!

If you have other recommendations for anti-stretchmarks products that can be used during pregnancy - please share our feedback here or send me direct message to
Thank You!

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