Saturday, November 29, 2014


As many of you know already (as I have been sharing online my "special" journey for the last few months) I am expecting and there is only 5 weeks left until baby boy - Olivier - will join us!
Every month I have a pleasure to unwind & relax thanks to wonderful team of professionals from 
Diva Salon&Spa located in Chinook Centre! 
Each time, I experience different treatment, especially targeting expecting moms:-)

My recent experience was all about beautiful face:-)
As usual - together with both Diva's salon manager in Chinook Centre - TJ & SPA Manager at the same location - Sarah - we decided to try Aveda Enrightenment Discoloration Treatment.
Because for the last few years I had some issues with dark spots&pigmentation (although I have been very careful & keep using products with SPF ) I thought it's going to be very beneficial for me.
And as always-I wasn't wrong.

As soon as I entered beautifully prepared room - I knew I am going to fully relax.
At the beginning, Sarah introduced me to few essential oils - and I chose -as always - energizing composition together with cinnamon bark essential oil (which reminds me of Christmas!!).

The whole enbrightenment line include cleanser, toner, serum, cream, lotion and masque!!
The whole treatment promises to give you brightening effect by reducing the appearance of pre-existing dark spots and breaking them down through exfoliation. Moreover, it helps preventing new dark spots and discoloration with anti-oxidants which help fight free radical oxidation. The whole line also soothes skin and reduces irritation that can lead to dark spots and of course - illuminates your skin!!

While I was laying down comfortable with the masque on my face - Sarah went way beyond my expectation and did both hand and feet massage!!
Her professionalism, gentle touch and of course SPA music-made my visit another unforgettable experience!!

For more information about Aveda and their products - please check the link below:

Thank you Sarah, TJ and Diva Salon&SPA team!!

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