Sunday, September 15, 2013


Those of you, who read my blog posts regularly know that over a week ago I started my challenge with using Clarisonic by testing it for a month and giving you my honest feedback about this miracle tool and condition of my skin...

I know its quite some time since the moment that Clarisonic was introduced into the beauty market, however I was waiting to try the most recent version of Clarisonic brush - which is Clarisonic Plus.
It comes with two brushes (for face and body) as well as it has different speed levels: low/normal/high which gives you an option to choose the one that is appropriate for your skin type and its condition (it looks like the one on the picture below).

 it has diff I really like the fact that it cleanses my skin 6x better than the regular cleansing procedure so I love thinking I am doing something good for my skin every time I use it:-)
Last week I started with using it once a day/2 times a week.
Because I noticed the difference right after the first usage - I decided that I am going to increase the frequency of using it and just this past week I used my Clarisonic 3 times - but only at night.
I know some people likes to use it twice a day(morning&evening) however I think it would be too much for my skin (I know:-)some of you will laugh but with my aesthetic background I am just careful:-)
I had very stressful and busy week when I was running in between meetings from early till the morning till late in the evening with full makeup on my face - so the first thing after coming back home was to remove my "second face" and using my magic brush:-)
Usually, after my marathon type of days - my skin looks so dull and almost dirty the next day, but after cleansing my face with the help of Clarisonic - my skin was actually not only smooth and clean after the use - but the next morning it was radiant and glowing!!!
Definitely, after 2 weeks of using the Clarisonic Plus - my skin condition improved and looks more healthy!!

Stay tune for feedback about  my journey with the Clarisonic:-)

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