Monday, September 30, 2013


It's been a month since I received a beautiful gift  - Clarisonic Plus - from Loreal Group Canada who is representing the Clarisonic brand in our country. Those of you, who have been following me&my 4-week journey with this "miracle brush" - know already my enthusiasm about it but today I would like to sum up the whole experience using it myself.

Although my skin is in quite good condition (as I am an aesthetician and taking proper care of my skin mornings&evenings is "a must" ritual), there are parts of my face that gets oily and dirty not to mention more blemishes. I need to spend some extra time taking care of my skin especially after wearing my makeup the whole day. Then Clarisonic is the perfect solution - nothing cleans better than this tool!! (you can see the picture attached which was presented to me a while ago and I couldn't believe how huge difference in cleansing I could achieve!!)

I use my Clarisonic Plus once a day - in the evening - using their standard timing set-up which works great for me-but you can also adjust it according to your needs and skin condition.

I found out that Clarisonic not only cleanses your skin better but also it helps with improving your skin condition and.. maintain it!!!!
My skin felt smoother and softer to touch from day one as well as it also feels plumper and "younger" - I noticed I have less skin problems even though I don't get enough sleep recently and it is quite stressful time of the year for me - but you couldn't tell looking at my skin:-) 
And I have to mention - great skin is the great base itself for beautiful makeup - which means investing in Clarisonic - you invest in your skin as well as you can save money by buying extra makeup products, such as primers, smoothing base etc.

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