Sunday, September 22, 2013


Almost 3 weeks ago I received a gift from Loreal Canada Group - beautifully wrapped box with Clarisonic Plus inside!!! 
I promised to give you my weekly feedback about my experience with using this "miracle brush" and I cannot believe it's already week number 3!!! Those of you who read my last two posts - know already that I   was very surprised with the results right after the first usage (and as you know, usually I am quite sceptical about products that have been advertised so much that you almost start thinking if its all about the good marketing&promotion or is it really about the product). But I have to admit-I got addicted to the Clarisonic brush - and every week I am increasing the number of times that I am actually using it!!

Though my skin seems to be taking to Clarisonic well, I only use it once a day- even though it says you can use it twice. I like using it at night before I go to bed.  I’m very dedicated when it comes to face cleansing process:) No matter how tired I am, I can’t go to sleep without taking my makeup off - so after the eye makeup removal - I apply my cleanser and take the Clarisonic  brush that makes the cleansing routine easier and faster (it has a timer, so you know exactly when to stop).
This magical brush glides over your skin, evenly cleaning all areas and applying just enough pressure to get rid of the grime without harming your skin (you shouldn't be pressing the brush too much on your skin!!) My skin already feels smoother and my complexion more balanced after using it a handful of times. Moreover, it' definitely brighter and what is most important for me- the makeup application is way easier the next morning!!
So far - so great!!!Wait for my feedback after the next week!!Have a beautiful week ahead!!

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