Thursday, March 8, 2012


Have You ever used Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator before? If not - You have to read what an amazing work does this product will do for You!!!

It is a concealer that hides all imperfections and awakens the skin's youthfulness with a single click of its magic wand brush.

Guerlain's new Precious Light Rejuvenating Illuminator hides all imperfections and awakens the skin's youthfulness with a single click of its magic wand brush. This must-have makeup tool employs an exclusive double-sided Gold Radiance Pigment: The opaque side targets imperfections and dull zones, toning down the appearance of wrinkles, dilated pores, and pigment irregularities, while the golden side reflects light. It contains a blend of Myrrh Oil, known for its regenerating properties, and lifting and soothing Peptides, which together diminish fine lines and create smoother, softer skin that lasts.

Available in 3 different shades at selected Beauty Departments.

Do You already feel like this is must-have beauty tool in Your cosmetic bag??
Now You have chance to WIN it!!!
Because today is the International Women's Day I decided to GIVEAWAY this amazing products to one of my lucky readers!! 
Just tell me how You are going to celebrate this day today and how do you embrace Being a Women in Your everyday life and the most inspiring post will get the prize!!!

Good Luck:-)


  1. As it was my birthday yesterday, had two wonderful reasons to celebrate march the 8th. :)
    I'm an au-pair from Germany, living with an amazing family in Calgary since October last year. I spent Women's Day taking care of the two most wonderful girls (3 years & 15 months) and although i see them every day i can not think of anything that i would have traded for instead of spending my birthday with them. Besides playing and being girly on girls day (painting faces and nails) we build a snowman and went for a great dinner with the whole family. It was a perfect day!
    Canada makes me have the best year of my life. How can anything be more fulfilling than knowing that two kids that you met a couple of months ago, opened their heart and let you be a part of their lives.
    For me - as a woman - this is the most precious gift of all and i have no idea how i will ever be able to give this away.

    It's wonderful to be a woman :)

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