Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Are You ready to Think big, Play big but most important - BE BIG???

Many women struggle these days with having such wonderful ideas, plans for future career growth but what happens- most of the times- they don't know how to bring those dreams into life.
Well, I can totally understand those women as coming here not even 5 years ago straight from Poland, to the new country, with new language, new culture & values; when I had to start my "new life" in Calgary - wasn't one of my biggest dream and I knew it is going to be tough. 
But I had my goals and passion - and I have been fortunate enough to meet such wonderful people on my life path who many times -  was the most "energy-driven" human resource for my next actions.
Sometimes, we need to be guided..we just need to be open for it....

Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited for GEMS luncheon at beautiful place- conference centre, outside of Calgary, in Priddis. The GEMS Mentorship Success Program has been created by three amazing women - Michelle Cameron Coulter (Olympic Gold Medalist in Synchronized Swimming, Entrepreneur,), Dawnie Heartwell ( globally recognized Certified Business/Executive Coach & International Speaker) and Helen Vanderburg (former World Champion swimmer and Heavens Fitness President) to ignite the greatness that exist within women. GEMS empowers entrepreneurs to become millionaires while achieving wealth in every area of their life. Going more into details - it is a one year mentorship and accountability success program and a holistic approach to how women can have it all and still take care of themselves along the way. But mostly - GEMS is designed to transform physical, financial and mental health through unique coaching and training methodology.

Michelle Cameron Coulter

Dawnie Heartwell

 Helen Vanderburg

For more information about GEMS - visit the website http://gemstosuccess.com/.

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