Friday, March 11, 2016


When I've first had a chance to meet Neveen few weeks ago - I left our meeting so inspired by this woman. She is not only one of the most professional person I've met but mostly - so passionate about what she does.
For those of you who didn't have a chance to hear about Neveen - well I am sure you will hear about her soon as she is going to take the lead in the beauty world with her cosmetic brand - Neveen Dominic Cosmetics!
 An industry vet, Neveen owned and operated Africana Salon and Beauty Supply for ten years before creating her signature cosmetics company.
And since I've had a pleasure not only do our exclusive interview with Neveen just this week - I also had a chance to test some of her beauty&makeup products!

Neveen Dominic Cosmetics - offers both skincare (love the wide range of her beauty products depending on your skin type and your needs!) as well as makeup line &... fragrances (both for women and men!).

What I love about the brand are actually two factors - firstly, the makeup line offers such a variety of shades (not only within foundation line but also when it comes to lipstick) but also they are truly long-lasting which for me is always a highlight! Being a busy mom and business woman - my days are crazy and sometimes I am out for meetings entire day without a chance to re-do my makeup. Well, with this line I don't have such issue as the makeup stays in place entire day!

As a makeup artist (yes - I know - some of you don't know that I am ALSO a makeup artist) I've been struggling a lot with finding right shades of foundation especially for Afro - American clientele. Novena's brand is a great solution to this problem!!

Products that you will have to try for sure - are definitely her lipstick (very high-pigmented!) as well as her shimmer (LADIES - Summer is coming  and if you are looking for that perfect GLOW-that product is a MUST-HAVE for sure!).

 Neveen Dominic Cosmetics eyeshadows

Neveen Dominic Cosmetics bronzing pallette - perfect for makeup artists

What I really like about Neveen's fragrances is the fact that they are not overpowering and stay on your skin for quite a long time!! (and they smell differently on each skin!).

Me-having my makeup finished with these perfect red lips:-)

With beautiful Neveen - Founder of Neveen Domenic Cosmetics!!

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