Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Those of you, who were following my prenatal journey know, that I've tried to stay healthy during my whole pregnancy. I've learned that education is a key and information can change our perspective on different things.

After having my first beautiful baby boy Olivier (that was just 7 weeks ago) I knew I would really like to get back in shape as soon as I can. For me though it is a bigger picture - it is about inside and out!
Beside started going to the gym and hot yoga again - I also wanted to make sure that I nourish my body properly.And here comes The Juice Shop !

Few weeks ago, I've had a chance to connect with the store owner - Paola Correa - and together we've brainstorm an idea of featuring my juicing journey!
So, last week I've received my first set of juices that I have been drinking every day and...good surprise for those of you who think you wouldn't like them - they taste amazing. Of course, depending on what kind of juice you choose - you will get different flavours - but they are fresh, energizing and definitely - boosting your mood ( and this is exactly what I need right now with my hormonal changes:-)

I was truly inspired after meeting with the store owner - Paola - who shared with me her story with juices and how they saved life of her loved ones ( her uncle had fight with prostate cancer, metastasis in the bones and he won the battle!).

"At The Juice Shop, we believe strongly in the age-old adage of: “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”. I began making cold-press juice for myself and my family as a positive lifestyle change, and I started seeing the benefits on all those around me. I then wanted to share these great benefits, which inspired me to create The Juice Shop, a place to provide people a delicious, organic, raw, cold-pressed juice, and contribute to helping one live a "green" and health-conscious lifestyle", says Paola.

The Juice Shop offers selection of cold-pressed, organic juices. Depending on your preferences & purpose of your juicing - in the menu you would find 13 different juices, 2 Warrior Milks, The Waters (Master Cleanse & Chlorophyll H2O) and Shots Elixir! 
Each juice provides different vitamins and plays unique role! One of my favourite is definitely "Unbeetable" - made from beets, carrots, apple, celery, cilantro, parsley and lemon. It is store's signature cocktail that promotes detoxification, beets and carrots are great for liver detoxification, parsley purifies the blood, aids with digestion and helps you detoxify.

Many of us ask question "Why juicing?" -well, it is a part of a lifestyle, it is a healthy way to get all your vitamins and minerals that your body needs for the day, the benefits of juicing are the keys to giving you a radiant, energetic life, and truly optimal health. Juice provides an excellent way for us to absorb vitamins and minerals, which is even superior to eating whole vegetables, because juicing releases theses nutrients in a highly absordable form and these nutrients both protect us from disease and boost our health and vitality.
At the end - you will experience increased energy, stamina, and mental clarity!!

 What is great about the store - juices are freshly made every day from Monday through Thursday - and you can get your juice either at the store or you can order online!!!
(for more information about delivery&shipping - you can check here).

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Stay tuned to see the results of my therapy!!

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