Sunday, March 15, 2015


With the Spring season approaching - I am always trying to get ready when it comes to my skin.
I noticed, that many women - especially in dry Calgary - forget that it is that time of a year (we have March now) to pay more attention to the proper skincare. After each Winter it is recommended to get rid of that thick layer of dry skin - and prepare it for beautiful Spring and Summer season!

Just this past week - I had a pleasure to try one from the list of face treatments at one of my favourite SPA's in Alberta - Babor Beauty Spa located in beautiful Mission area, in Calgary.
After consultation with one of the aestheticians who works there - we've decided that the best facial for me would be Vital Detox Therapy from Doctor Babor treatments.

Babor Beauty Spa waiting (and relaxing) area

As many of you know, skin detoxification is essential for cellular regeneration. This blend of potent vitamins and minerals treats the skin and neutralize harmful substances that induce aging from the inside out. The resulting detoxification allows nutrient revitalization which is vital for maintaining youthful skin.
Because my skin really needed deep cleansing as well - we've started the procedure with 30% peel that helped get rid of the dead skin cells and also helped deeper penetration of the ingredients from the products applied into the skin followed by the regular steps of Vital Detox Therapy treatment!
This facial takes about 50 min - but if you add peel and manual cleansing - you should reserve about 1.5 hour of your time - to make sure you will relax and won't be rushed (like I was a little bit because of my baby!).
My skin felt amazing right after the treatment - it was definitely more brighter and had beautiful glow - which I really need - especially now when I wake up few times at night to feed my baby:-)
If you would like to maintaing the results at home - you can think of getting certain skincare products from recommended Babor line!!
Special Thank You to Helene and her team for making my time at Babor Beauty Spa always a remarkable experience!!
Stay tuned - as I will be featuring different skincare treatment each season!!

Special Gift I've received from Babor Beauty Spa!
Cant wait to test them!

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