Monday, December 1, 2014


I have been Babor 's fan for many years - even when I was still living in Europe - in fact, that was the time when I was introduced to this wonderful brand for the first time.

I was so happy when I heard about opening of Babor Beauty Spa in Calgary over a year ago..I knew I would be able to re-discover the brand again!

Just recently, I received beautiful gift from the company - very nicely wrapped boxes with lots of products to try so I would be able to share your feedback with all of you:-)

Personally, for me one of the most important step in my beauty routine every day is "cleansing". When I talk to my clients or fans, many of them skip that phase; some of them because they don't think it's actually necessary, some because it is taking too much time.
Well, let me share with you one of the most important secrets of beautiful skin - cleansing and toning-are one of the most important steps to achieve/maintain healthy, glowing complexion.

And Babor - an international company that has several decades' worth of experience creating high-tech skin products that deliver results to both professionals and consumers - developed a unique cleansing CP collection that uses these opposing ingredients to their maximum power, renewing and enhancing your complexion.

At the core of BABOR's system is the CP Hy-Ol, a hydrophilic oil that attracts water and provides thorough cleansing of each and every pore. The Cleansing CP Phytoactive Base complements the Hy-Ol cleanser by revitalizing dry skin with mint, birch and rosemary essences for a fresher, livelier appearance. 

Those with oily faces or T-zone areas can follow the Hy-Ol cleanser with the Cleansing CP Phytoactive Combination, which has witch hazel and azulene essences to clarify the skin and provide balance.

Tired skin gets a boost from the Cleansing CP Phytoactive Reactivating solution, which should also be used in combination with Hy-Ol. The formula contains sweet almond, jujube and other herbal extracts to help facilitate cell turnover and rejuvenate the skin while slowing any signs of aging.

For skin that's prone to flaring up or other adverse reactions, the Cleansing CP Phytoactive Sensitive base is a perfect post Hy-Ol remedy. A non-irritating combination of lime blossom, hops and lemon blossom essences soothe and calm the skin, leaving a healthy glow with no redness. 

Not all BABOR products have to be used in combination, however. The Cleansing CP Mild Cleanser is effective entirely on its own, is colorant and fragrance-free and is gentle enough to treat even the most sensitive skin. 

Dry skin gets the moisture it needs with the Cleansing CP Mild Cleanser Foam, which transforms into a luscious lather for a smooth, glowing surface. 

The Cleansing CP Rose Toning Lotion is an essential accompaniment to either of these solutions. The innovative formula works like an astringent but feels like a cream, so there's no dryness or tightness after use. Agrimonia eupatoria detoxes the skin, while natural rose extract relaxes and revives it. 
Meanwhile, the multi-tasking Cleanser CP Gel & Tonic 2 in 1 washes away impurities while also warding off the development of pesky blemishes in one simple step. 

BABOR is continually dedicated to eco-responsibility and sustainability, meaning you're preserving the environment as well as your complexion. 

Thank you, Babor North America - for gifting me this Holiday season:-)

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