Saturday, October 11, 2014


I was super excited when I heard one of the lingerie leader - WonderBra announced its WonderBra 75th anniversary collection for Fall 2014!!!

The brand renews itself this season by presenting a line of contemporary feminine lingerie on hangers.
Stylish and practical, the new collection is divided into four segments, each focusing on a particular benefit: comfort, femininity, curve-enhancing and breathability.

Classy and daring, this collection proposes an array of exceptionally functional bras and panties that offer trendy elegance and a sense of well-being for today's busy woman!!

This Fall, the WonderBra brand introduces a contemporary collection for the active, independent woman. With the new slogan "Be Your Best" and a modern and chic collection, the brand definitely showcases the beauty of the female silhouette in its many glorious forms!!!

"Given the expectations of women today, the introduction of a segment centered on bra appeal was only natural. Above all, modern women want to feel beautiful and confident, and that's exactly what we offer with this collection. Much more than just a wardrobe staple, WonderBra undergarments are, withut question, this season's hottest fashion accessory!" says Karine Allard, WonderBra Chief Designer at HanesBrands Inc.

The collection also features a limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness bra, $5 of each bra sale will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Can't wait to try my new set of lingerie!!!!

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