Friday, October 24, 2014


It's definitely a special time for me...
The fact of being "Mommy-To-Be" - soon,  as I am already 7 months pregnant - brings lots of excitement but also more questions and sometimes fear or making "good choices"..

After I found out that I am pregnant - it was during my trip in Europe - I knew that after coming back to Canada I will have to do some research on how does the entire process of preparation to become a Mom look like. I had my family doctor but after I shared the NEWS with one of my girlfriends - who had her first baby almost 2 years ago - she said that I should try to get a midwife and find prenatal classes!!

Finding a midwife is not hard but getting one-can be a challenge-there is only few midwifery clinics in Calgary and usually once you apply - your name is put on the waiting list. I almost lost hope until one day , when I received a phone call from Aurora Midwifery that they would like to meet with both of us!
I was SO HAPPY - especially because the location couldn't be just better!!

In the meantime, following Lyndsay advice - I contacted Rhonda at Healthy Birth Choices - and after our first phone conversation - I knew this is "The Place" to go together with my husband to get proper education and become more "calm" in terms of "knowing what's ahead of us"...

Healthy Birth Choices it's one of the places in Calgary offering prenatal classes and e-learning classes. 
Owned and run by Rhonda & Sue - the place supports the natural birth.
Both of ladies are so passionate about their work because they believe - birth matters!!

I absolutely love one of their statement:

"...Whether you are expecting your first baby or your fifth, planning a hospital birth or a home delivery, we are here to provide a quality education that will encourage you, enlighten you, empower you, and most importantly, help you give your baby the healthiest start to life".

We've already been to couple of classes - and I feel way more educated than before going. We chose 7 week program ( you have different options) with 2.5h classes scheduled once a week.
So far, together with 8 other couples - we've discovered some facts about pregnancy and labour; and especially the last class was all about the mental support and the ambiance around the process of giving birth. I didn't really realized it's so important where, how, who and many other factors that have such a huge impact on how I am going to feel during the labour and how I am going to remember this experience....

Definitely looking forward to more classes...
Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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