Friday, March 14, 2014


Yesterday, I had a chance to visit Preventous Cosmetic Medicine in Calgary - one of the city's most trusted and established providers of advanced aesthetic treatments.
I was invited to the clinic (special "Thank You" note to Jason Krell for arranging the meeting:-) to see their latest technology - 3D camera - that gives patients an opportunity to take a look at how they would look like before&after certain cosmetic treatments.

From the first moment, I was very pleased with the kind welcoming and of course-the interior - very modern & stylish. Right away, I had been introduced to Dr. Rohan Bissoondath, who is the Medical Director at the clinic who gave me the tour and insight of the place.

If you are a new patient - one of the first step is "Integrated Consultation", which covers various areas, including reviewing the clinic in general, evaluating patient's long term "skin goals" and objectives, skin health education (core procedures, effects of environment&genetics) , and integrated treatment planning (discussing solutions, answering questions & post treatment fears).

After mine consultation with such a professional&kind lady - Thanks Tara - I was asked to step into another room where I was introduced to the new 3D camera.
Preventous Cosmetic Medicine is the first clinic of its kind to introduce the VECTRA® H1 handheld 3D camera and Face Sculptor software as part of its consultation process. 
The leading-edge technology gives patients a look at what their face will look like should they choose a treatment (or series of treatments).

After taken few pictures with the new camera, they were shown on the computer screen where I was introduced to different treatments procedures and I could see how my face would look like before and after:-) (hmm..definitely like "the after"look:-)

“The most common fear for patients is that they don’t know what they will look like after a procedure, or that they won’t look the same,” explains Dr. Rohan Bissoondath, Medical Director at Preventous Collaborative Health. “This new technology allows us to take 3D photos of a patient and manipulate the images based on the potential treatment or desired outcomes they are looking for.”

Dr. Rohan Bissoondath, Medical Director at Preventous Collaborative Health

The VECTRA® 3D camera and Face Sculptor software provides a high resolution image of the patient’s face from all angles—so detailed that even the pores on the skin are clearly visible. Within minutes the patient sees the potential outcome and side by side, before and after images. “It’s a terrific educational tool for us, alleviating doubts and defining realistic expectations for patients.”, says Dr. Bissoondath.

Definitely, next step is booking my treatment at Preventous!!
Looking forward to see the results then!

For more information, visit their website:

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