Thursday, August 29, 2013


 Photo courtesy of Tiffany&Co

Couple of weeks ago I was invited to the private showing of new Tiffany&Co.Atlas collection that was introduced for the first time in 1995.

 The collection is named for the mythic Greek god who holds aloft an enormous globe—an apt symbol for a collection that makes an impact around the world.
Created by John Loring, Tiffany design director emeritus, the Atlas® collection explores the raised Roman numerals of its archetype, the Atlas® watch. The latest options continue the evolution of Atlas, with its classical Roman numerals styled in jewelry that is eternally modern.
Tiffany refined these symbols of empire with the streamlined contours of American design. This seamless blend of the new and the legendary captures the essence of Tiffany—chic, sophisticated—the premier jeweler of elegant simplicity.

My favourite set - necklace & matching earrings (photo by Ania Basak)

The clean-cut numerals assert their timeless beauty in the prime asset to own now: an Atlas bangle of spirited versatility. Tiffany circles the numbers in cutouts of 18 karat yellow or white gold, defining style in lean, confident strides. Bordered with sparkling diamonds, this major design statement makes for bold band rings, as well, circled with diamonds or shaped in smooth, polished metal.
Photo courtesy of Tiffany&Co

Other options that figure prominently include narrow bracelets with fine chains that drape the wrist and a great open medallion in gleaming sterling silver. 

     My favourite ring from the new Tiffany&Co Atlas collection

The collection is available at Tiffany&Co locations worldwide. And one of the most important thing for you Ladies - very good price range of all the pieces&styles!! 

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