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Each time I have a chance to travel to Europe - I am trying to discover new places with unique atmosphere and...taste...
For those of you who follow me here - last year I was sharing with you my impression about fashion&lifestyle in London, England.
This year, I spent lots of time with my closest family&friends. During our getaway, there were two places that caught my attention who I really wanted to explore and give you my feedback.

While we were residing in a beautiful small city at the Baltic Sea, called Wladyslawowo, one of my activities- besides running- was biking - with one of the most enjoyable trip through the Hel Peninsulaa 35-km-long sand bar peninsula in northern Poland separating the Bay of Puck from the open Baltic Sea.
After we got to the tip of the Peninsula, small town called Hel-we were recommended to try one of the most authentic restaurant there - Kutter ( 

One of the first thing that was appealing to me was welcoming outside in the traditional style - lots of wood, fireplace, live music every day, servers in a specially designed outfits and of course-menu with wide selection of different kind of dishes. Although Kutter specialize mostly in fish courses - everyone can find something that will satisfy their stomach:-) From meat, pancakes to grilled dishes and traditional soups.

It was quite difficult choice to make, however after deliberation - for the main course, I decided to try grilled zander with home-made salads. All I can say is "wow" since the very first bite - beautiful presentation and very well balanced combination of spices and herbs.
On the top of that, I cannot forget to mention delicious salmon soup and as appetizer - we shared one of Kutter's specialty - herrings in a sweet, creamy sauce with raisins.

Everyone who is looking for culinary extravaganza and authentic Kashubian flavours - Kutter is the best choice for that, place where tourists not only from Poland but also from outside of country trying to make a reservation in advance to secure their chance for a memorable experience.

Me together with lovely ladies who're serving delicious food at Kutter Restaurant

One of the appetizers - herrings in a sweet, creamy sauce with raisins

Halibut with selection of home-made salads

I have to admit that I am sushi lover:-) it is part of my lifestyle and sushi is regular in my weekly menu back home, in Canada.
Since the moment I introduced my parents into this type of Japanese cuisine - they became addicted as well.
This year is definitely a year with many celebrations - my parents 30th wedding Anniversary and my 30th Birthday that is coming soon (not sure if I should be happy about that though;-)
Before my departure back to Canada, I wanted to surprise my parents and take them for a sushi dinner to Poznan. However I didn't want to go to a random sushi place - I did my research to find best sushi place in town (also by checking customers reviews & opinions) and decided to have our special surprise dinner at...Kyokai Sushi Bar (

Located in a beautiful settings of restored red-brick building complex - I was impressed with the outside look since the arrival.
I called the restaurant in advance and lovely manager, Mrs. Ania Jezierska, suggested to make a reservation at the sushi bar instead the regular table settings.
We were welcomed right after we enter Kyokai place and have been given menu with outstanding selection of sushi(maki, hosomaki, futomaki,gunkanmaki, nigiri, kizu, inari and...many more together with wide choice of appetizers as well).

My dad, who usually order sushi by looking at the final result of making it - was grabbing plate after plate from the sushi bar that was just in front of us.

Personally, I love to discover new flavours - so thanks to suggestions from one of the sushi chefs - Marcin Kaczmarek, I started creating my own menu.

My first course was - of course-appetizer and I chose wakame salad accompanied with cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots and cucumbers. The portion was surprisingly big - perfect to share between three of us! Very fresh and tasty!

Chef Marcin Kaczmarek preparing one of the customized sushi

One of my favourite sushi rolls was definitely Maki Sashimi Roll with two pieces of salmon inside - raw and cooked together with avocado, shitake mashroom and gourd- everything wrapped in fish rice paper. Beautiful flavour combination between sweet and spicy!

If you are looking for great culinary experience & you love sushi - I would highly recommend Kyokai Sushi Bar where exceptional food meets tradition mixed with creativity and passion!!
For those of you who are in constant rush - Kyokai also offers catering service!!

Together with chefs - Marcin Kaczmarek(right) and Adrian Kiersnowski

My special "Thank you" note to the Kyokai management team for wonderful time we had at your place!!

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