Friday, September 14, 2012


Those of You - who are Fashion&Beauty Lovers - name "La Prairie" speaks for itself!!! 
But for those, who didn't have a chance to hear about it before - it is one of the most prestigious beauty brand in the world. 

La Prairie is dedicated to keeping skin as young looking as possible, as long as possible, and the team at La Prairie works tirelessly to continuously introduce high-performance products that react, delay and intercept the aging of the skin.  
With the four La Prairie essentials - an eye cream, a serum, a moisturizer and a foundation - every skin has the tools it needs to effectively confront the problems of premature aging, environmental hazards and the stress of contemporary life.

Earlier this year, La Prairie launched two serums ( by the way - serum is one of the most powerful product within each skincare); including the most recent one -
Cellular Power Serum, nicknamed the “bodyguard” as it acts as your skin’s own personal bodyguard against aging. 
This item joins the Power Collection which includes our youth pack infusion vials: Cellular Power Infusion and Cellular Power Charge Night.  It’s a potent, plant-infused serum (enriched with many of Cellular Power Infusion’s ingredients & then some!) to encourage the expression of skin’s OWN natural defense system so it remains on constant alert (against stressors) and functions optimally, as skin did when it was younger.   

No matter what age you are or skin type you have, if you want extraordinary protective and defensive qualities against aging, plus increased energy of skin cells, Cellular Power Serum is for you.

If I have a chance to test this product - I will make sure I would update you with all the details and my personal opinion about it!!!

For those of You, who would like to learn more about the brand - just visit La Prairie website:

If You are interested in seeing all range of La Prairie products - You can find them at selected beauty counters across Canada (in Calgary - at Holt Renfrew).

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