Monday, August 6, 2012


For those of You who didn't have a chance to read my last post - I started my journey over a week ago with one of the top beauty brands in the world - Sothys Paris.

I was lucky enough to receive 4-week Anti Cellulite treatment to try it at home and give You my honest opinion about all of the products from the line.
For the first 2 weeks I supposed to use two specific items - Sothys Enhancer Body Serum & Essential 24 Body Cream. 
There is 14 of small tubes of Serum - each of the tube You should apply twice a day - in the morning and evening. Personally, I love the smell of it as well as consistency - and to be honest- I already see small changes on the areas affected by cellulite!!! The serum can be used alone or to boost efficacy of other firming products. Because I am following the instructions I received from the brand - I am following my routine with application of the Essential 24 Body Cream from Sothys.
This is even better product than serum - in my opinion-as the application is very easy and the cream just melts with the skin - which is very important for me as most of those kind of products I used in the past were very sticky and I wasn't able to apply them in the morning before putting my clothes on.
The cream boosts the burning of fat by targeting its function at specific points while the body is at rest, during the exercise, and post-meal. It also stimulates microcirculation - and that is totally TRUE - as I can feel the cooling effect right after the application!!

If You have any questions about the Sothys products - just send me an email to and I would be more than happy to answer them!!!

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