Wednesday, August 22, 2012


At the end of July- I was lucky enough to start my beauty journey with Sothys Paris and try one of their new anti-cellulite products line. Those of You, who were following my posts for the last month could share their opinions about my experience as well as their own comments about anti-cellulite products  (which I would like to Thank You All for doing that!!!!).
But for those of You, who didn't have chance to follow my posts since the beginning-I started using Sothys products that claim to help diminishing the appearance of cellulite on our body. At the beginning, I was using the Slimming activator - that targets cellulite -followed by another product from the line that I was applying on the top of the activator - Essential slimming care 24 - product that reduces dimpling and create more beautiful body - help with redefining the body contour.

After the first 2 weeks- the time for firmness arrived as the firmer the skin -
the less visible cellulite is on the surface!!!
At that point I was  testing the Reshaping cream - on my stomach, waist and arms; as well as the Toning cream, that firms and fights against the appearance of stretch marks -
also perfect for beautiful decollete!!!

What I can honestly say - WOW!!!!The Sothys products really did their job- my cellulite became less visible(well-I can barely see it right now!!!)and I have to admit that....I am planning of continuing the usage of all of the products for some time - as not only I believe in their "working power" but also I just love their smell!!!!

And NOW - the nicest part of this post - as You all know- at the end of all of my experiments - I am giving away products I just tested - and.... I am going to do the same !!!! One of You will receive Sothys Anti-Cellulite products!!! The only thing You have to do - is to share with me how do You nourish Your body!!!!

Please share Your comments here or just send me an email to!!!

Good Luck!!!

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