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Every week there are plenty of events & performances happening in the cultural scene of Calgary. But there are just few of them which will remain in the audiences' hearts for a long time...
On April 19th, 2012 - Calgarians had a chance to be a part of an amazing music journey with the true world artist - Pavlo, whose "...Mediterranean music speaks for itself".

When he was 10, he spent hours hidden away practicing his guitar; and after years of guitar lessons - from classical to flamenco - he introduced his Mediterranean brand in 1998, recording an all-instrumental album.

These days, being one of Canada's most popular instrumental soloists  & performing over 150 shows per year worldwide, Pavlo just released his 9th album - "Six String Blvd" in which he incorporates the world's most exotic instruments into his classic signature sound. 

“I’ve taken my music around the world, especially in the past few years, and I really wanted to reflect more on my current experiences"-says Pavlo. 

Because of his travels - the listeners are captured by the Chinese Ehru, the Portuguese Guitarra, the Arabic Flute, the Indian Sitar and of course - the Greek Bouzouki ( yes yes - although Pavlo is Canadian - his roots belong to the beautiful Greece - and you can easily notice that by being almost hypnotized by Pavlo's energetic temperament while he is performing on the stage!!).

Pavlo's spectacular music reached its apogee thanks to the support of his core band - bassist Randy Rodrigues, George Vasilakos on bouzouki, and extraordinary drummer&percussionist - Gino Mirizio.

Last Thursday, Pavlo shared the stage with his two special guests for the tour - singer Luke MacMaster and Australian-Canadian violinist-singer - Sophie Serafino. I asked Pavlo and my friend - Sophie - how it happened that they perform together? The answer was obvious - but still a surprise - because of today's technology they connected on Twitter - and that was beginning of their collaboration. Together with Pavlo, Sophie played three beautiful pieces - specially prepared for this tour. There was also big ovation when on the stage stepped one of Pavlos' mentors - Oscar Lopez who's skills and talent was a perfect addition to Pavlo's music.

Pavlo & Sophie Serafino

The artist is known for giving away his guitar to someone in the audience at every concert he gives - which also took place last Thursday -  and the lucky winner couldn't stop hiding the emotions while carrying such an unique gift she received from Pavlo. Also, towards the end of the concert both Pavlo and Sophie were officially white hatted after pronouncing the Calgary Cowboy oath supported by typical "Yaahooo...".....

Interview with Pavlo & Sophie Serafino

With two amazing artists - Pavlo & Sophie Serafino

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