Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last Saturday, on March 26th 2011 Calgary has its own Fashion, Health & Beauty Show - FHNB Fashion&Accessory Expose - the mix of local lines of apparel and accessories as well as runway shows, fashion theatre and a gallery of work by local artists.
Part of the event was the Wearable Art / Prom Dress competition presented by Metro newspaper. 5 designers have been selected from all entries and their task was to create a dress using Metro papers.
All attendees can also experience the catwalk by local celebrities: Brett Wilson CBC Dragon, Henry Burris - Stampeder Quarterback as well as Calgary Stampeder Alumni: Matt Finlay and Bruce Covernton - all styled by ABStyle, wearing beautiful apparel from Forbidden store.
I would like to say " Thank You" to the celebrities for their patience during the styling and their time invested in this event!
Congratulations to the Edges Salon&Spa who've done amazing job on hair&makeup's showcased during all runway shows. Also, I would like to thank Liz Nandee from Basic Black Designs Inc. for her hard work with interior designing for the event and her support during the styling part!!

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