Sunday, January 28, 2018


Working in the fashion and media industry always excites me when it comes to discovering new brands and meeting creative individuals. Just when I got back from our trip to Europe recently, I received a note from lovely Natalia who introduced me to her jewellery line, called Nat&Co Accessories. Before I even went and checked her website - of course I checked her Instagram account as this platform always gives me a visually "charged" presentation and helps me understand the profile of the brand or a person way better. Literally a few minutes later - I sent Natalia a note that I would love to showcase her designs in my article and via my social media channels. What I found very interesting about her brand are definitely...colours. 

Natalia ( founder and director of Nat & Co Accessories) calls her designing and creation of the brand the result of girlhood dream; she always loved "girlie" colourful things and beautiful bling. Fashion and accessories helps her feel confident and powerful. And I totally agree with her on that. Once you define your style, find what makes you feeling feminine, more confident and powerful - then you should just "stick" to it - and I found accessories can be that small detail that can make such a huge difference in the way we feel about ourselves (and how we are perceived by others).
Her jewellery pieces are beautiful, unique and very bold. The brand specializes mostly in gold plated jewellery, that is sourced from across the globe, especially from South America (one of my favourite places - Colombia!), Carribean, Europe, and Asia. Thanks to such diversity - she can cater to different styles and budgets (which I think is just brilliant!).

Her clientele are confident, stylish women who are not afraid of implementing one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces into their everyday wardrobe, becoming (many times) a statement piece of entire look. Most of the time, you will find all of her designs being very reasonably priced (below $65!).
Personally, I found it even more exciting starting my collaboration with Natalia and her Nat & Co Accessories because her roots are Polish (so as mine:-) and she is based in Canada, so if I can showcase more Canadian-based designers - that makes me truly happy!
Make sure you check the brand website to see more colourful pieces and... look for a special discount code that will help you shopping and.....enjoy free shipping across Canada! (for a limited time!!).

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