Monday, July 11, 2016


Those of you who are following me on social media and checking my blog regularly - know that I have been trying selected products from ItWorks! the last month.
I actually had a chance to get introduce to the brand right after my son was born-trying their amazing wraps (my sincere ThankYou to Tanya Valk!) but just recently I've seen results of people using selected products for 30/60/90-day challenge - and I was amazed by their results!

Last month I've had a chance to meet such a lovely person - Shayba Lee Kennedy - who I partnered with to go on a journey with ItWorks! again trying their Greens, Thermofit, Formula FF and Defining Gel!
I really like the products - and thought I would share my results(picture was taken this morning!) but I think it would be even better if I would implement their amazing body wraps - so stay tuned as we are going to continue my journey for the next 30 days - and we will be adding their crazy amazing wraps:-)

For more information about products and more info - please contact Shayna directly!
She is amazing!

Me - Mommy of 17month-old Olivier - after 30-Day of trying ItWorks! products

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