Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Those of you, who have been following my post-baby journey- you know how "hard" I've worked  to get my body&health back on track after having my baby!!

Thanks to Preventous Cosmetic Medicine team - I was able to get professional guidance when it comes to beauty, nutrition and fitness as we've created 6-month plan to meet my goals!!
After first consult with the team - I've been presented with the plan - starting with skincare (once every 2-3 weeks I had a laser treatment session), body care ( every week I've been scheduled for a  Venus Legacy treatment - focusing on the abdominal part of my body ), followed by fitness regime as well as nutrition plan.
The hardest part was sticking to the meal plan and fitness routine when you are first-time mom and working full time (just from 1 month after giving birth)..
But thanks to the support from Preventous team as well as my lovely hubby - I did it:-)

For more information about the clinic or the treatments - please feel free to message me directly or visit Preventous website!!

With my baby boy Olivier before final tests:-) 

My fitness&strength assessment with Katrina
 (thank you Girl for keeping up with me!)

My final skin assessment with Preventous team:-) 
(don't look too bad without makeup :-)

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