Saturday, August 1, 2015


Becoming New Mom is definitely a wonderful experience.
After waiting over 41 weeks, together with my husband we've welcomed our first baby boy Olivier Adam in January, when he was born in comfort of our home. It was truly amazing experience.
One of the reasons I decided to have baby at home was the fact that I was healthy with no indicators that would not allow us to do it.

Beside taking care of my baby every day - I knew I have to start taking care of myself.
I got back into full time work just a month after Olivier was born and because I work in fashion/media industry being "on the spot"of so many people, our fans&followers - looking good was a pressure!!
Although just 2 weeks after becoming a mom - when I've attended the first gala event when I received so many compliments about my look - I knew it will take me some time to get back into shape.

So together with wonderful team from Preventous Cosmetic Medicine we've started my postnatal journey - just 2 weeks ago - in which I will be going through fitness, nutrition and beauty guidance supported by their specialists.

Still smiling before workout:-)

One of my first meetings was both my nutrition and fitness assessments -with Fabijana and Katrina.
My first impression? I was definitely in place that is professional, knowledgeable and supportive - and that is exactly what I need at this point!
After an hour meeting with Fabijana  - who discussed with me importance of every-day diet and nutrition as well as measured my metabolic rate (which occurred to be little bit lower than it supposed to be!) - I saw Katrina who took all of my measurements,including body fat percentage (lol!) and after that she've challenged me physically - we were able to find out where I am when it comes to my strongest and weakest points!!
Just week after that I've received my nutrition and fitness assessments results -and also - I had a chance to meet with both Aimee and Dr. Rohan (owner of the clinic) to discuss my beauty "needs" when it comes to my skincare (face&body).
But before the more relaxing part - I have two tasks - one is monitoring what I eat every day - the other - follow the exercise plan created by Katrina for 6 days a week!!

My nutrition assessment results prepared by Fabijana!

During my fitness demo with Katrina:-)

Happy - just finished our first session together:-)

With Dr. Rohan Bissoondath

You can see how does my fitness work looks like for the next month before changing & taking it to the next level!
Stay tuned - as my postnatal journey will continue...

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Wish me Luck:-)

Postnatal Journey with Preventous Cosmetic Medicine.

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