Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Those of you, who know me a little bit and you, who follow my blog for last few years know what's happening in my professional life as I am always trying to share my experiences, my thoughts and my honest feedback with you!

May of 2014 became a special month for me - as it was the time when I've found out that I am expecting my first baby.It was definitely a surprise - but couldn't be more happier - as although I love my work&career path I am on - I know there is time for everything.
For the 9 months I was sharing my pregnancy journey with you - my followers, supporters as well as other expecting Moms!

On January 13th, 2015 we've welcomed our first baby boy - Olivier Adam - in comfort of our home-who came into this world after 12 hours of labour.
I know its quite personal journey - but I really wanted to share it with you - as it wouldn't be as beautiful without people that was supporting me, us during the whole pregnancy journey and the most challenging twelve hours of my life (so far :-)

Right after I came back to Canada from my trip to Europe (sponsored by KLM), where I actually found out that I am pregnant - I started doing my own investigation on how do all procedures look like here when it comes to pregnancy and labour.It wasn't an easy process for me, us.
One of my friends - Lyndsay Cholak from Bikram Yoga Calgary South shared with me so many valuable and interesting facts about the whole process&journey.Thanks to her (my sincere THANK YOU Lyndsay!!) I've applied to all midwifery places in Calgary. Knowing how difficult it is to get one - I didn't expect we would be a lucky couple. in fact, all of the places sent me email back with not the most positive note - I've been placed on the waiting list due to number of inquiries.
Then, month after I've submitted my form to one of those places - I received message that Aurora Midwifery would like to accept us as their clients! It was one of the most happiest days that month!!
We were lucky to be signed with team of two wonderful ladies  - Kimberley&Ali - and in September they've welcomed third midwife - Alisha - who moved to Calgary from Ontario!
After quite bad experience with family doctors and medical system here, in Canada - each visit with our midwifes was an absolute pleasure!

Almost the same time when I was searching for midwifes - I've done my research about prenatal classes - and also thanks to Lyndsay - I was referred to Healthy Birth Choices run by Sue and Rhonda - two wonderful ladies - who share their passion with many expecting moms&couples from across Canada (as those who can't attend in-class training-can do e-learning!). It was truly memorable 7 weeks of education - during which both mine & my husbands' thoughts about whole pregnancy&labour process changed completely.
I've never considered home birth as an option  - and towards the end of classes - we decided that we would like to try that(with being open to other options, including hospital).
When I was 5 months pregnant, together with  Lyndsay from Bikram Yoga Calgary South, I started my prenatal yoga classes which I took twice every week until few days before our baby arrived. I wanted to share that part -as many expecting moms think that hot yoga is not the best practice during pregnancy.Well, all I can tell - I couldn't have made better decision than that - as I became well prepared for the labour process - thanks to breathing technique and self-control of my body&mind.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I've learned more about power of acupuncture (thanks to Healthy Birth Choices and Lyndsay of course - I forgot to mention that she've welcomed her baby girl couple of years ago where she was discovering all of these resources by herself!) as well as I've discovered something called placenta encapsulation and was referred to contact Nicole Stevens from Roots of Life!
I couldn't be more happier after my meeting with Nicole! We scheduled our first acupuncture session one evening-and when I arrived at her place, I decided that I don't want to do it that evening (I was just scared as I've never tried acupuncture before!) but after few more days of constant thinking-I came to conclusion that I would like to give it a try!We've done few sessions and I can definitely see the progress in my body response to the point's pressure. But what was even more interesting for me was the placenta encapsulation!!!
After our baby was born and my placenta was out - it was taken&put into the freezer until the next day when Nicole arrived&picked it up - and the following day - she've brought capsules (plus some extra products, including cream that is great for eczema, dry skin, diaper rash etc.) which I started taking right after then to supplement my vitamins&iron I've lost with my blood during the labour process.

Our home birth was one of the most beautiful & memorable experience I could think of.
That day, I woke up and I felt like I can climb mountains - so right after  10.30am my waters broke. We started preparing our bedroom for the whole process (including blowing up the pool as we were planning water birth!). My first contractions started at 1p.m, they evaluated in strength around 4p.m when our midwife Kimberley arrived (together with amazing student Tiffany!) and reached our the peak point between 6-8p.m when I was in the pool. Kimberley asked me to change positions&place around 9p.m -just to check how I am doing - and she knew I was ready to push!So I started at 9.15p.m and our little angel arrived at 10.03 p.m - naturally -with support of my husband and my parents!!It was one extraordinary moment and if I can share my thoughts about the whole labour process with you - having midwifes, as well as knowledge and support coming from Healthy Birth Choices, Roots of Life and physical&mental strength I've gained thanks to Bikram Yoga Calgary South - it was the best journey&decisions we've made!!!


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