Friday, January 23, 2015


Every year, in January, I see lots of question marks when it comes to Valentine's Day..Then I wonder why this day is so special?
For me, love should be cherished, shared and expressed all year round - not only one day - but even if you do so-why not to celebrate love in a special way?
February 14th is approaching - and I thought I would feature couple of liquors as a great way to celebrate the "love" :-)

Over four centuries of Port making has given the house of Croft time to consider this wonderfully exciting rose style of Port - the first of its kind to enter into the market and still the quality reference.

This innovative new style of port has been made by a new technique which extracts fresh, fruity flavours and delivers a subtle and delicate pink colour. The result is wonderfully fresh and vibrant, full of the rich flavours of Port but with a unique and distinctive appeal.
The palate is full of deliciously ripe cherry and raspberry fruit flavours with lovely nuances of honey and grapefruit. It has created the perfect opportunity for Port to be consumed in the warmer months of the year when Port may not otherwise be the drink of choice. It is definitely best served chilled and is an excellent aperitif accompanied by roasted almonds or olives.
Either you choose to drink it on its own or mix it with your favourite juice - it is definitely a great way to cheer for love:-)

Botter Prosecco Brut Spumante DOC is an Italian sparking wine with pale light yellow colour and fine perlage. It is delicately fruity with slightly aromatic bouquet. Harmonic at a taste - it is definitely an excellent aperitif and a perfect accompaniment to hors-d'oeuvres - but also great on its own! and if you are "bubbly" lover - it would be a great choice to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one!!


Valentine's Day is only few weeks away & because we value Your support and following us throughout the year, we would like to surprise You with one of a kind Gift!

We have a great prize:

 Croft Pink Port

To enter the contest, you have to meet the following rules:

1. Share your most memorable&romantic story by sending it via email to 
(please, make sure you include your first/last name, address and phone number)
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4. Contest ends February 10th, 2015 at 12.00 a.m.

Good Luck!!

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