Saturday, September 20, 2014


I was waiting with that news to share but now - being almost 6 months pregnant - I am so excited to spread my joy with all of my readers&followers - but mostly other expecting Moms!

Since it is my first baby (o.s. it's going to be be a boy:-) every day is a new discovery for me, I am facing challenges that I've just heard about - and trying to find solutions can be tough - so I decided to share my prenatal journey till the day of welcoming our baby into the world:-)

I know so many expecting women are scared and complaining about the way their body changes; some of them stop feeling beautiful; many of them have hard time to find good quality clothing but still looks stylish&fashionable. What about those type of questions: what necessary items should I get for a baby, how to convince my husband to support me&take prenatal classes with me (event where to look for them) - the list could probably go endless - but my goal is to help all of you - Mommies-To-Be - how to stay healthy, feel&look beautiful and be prepared for the new baby to arrive!!!

Together with few brand names&companies we created this exciting project - and at this point I would already like to say "ThankYou" to Bikram Yoga Calgary South (especially Lyndsay and Morgan). Diva Salon&Spa (thanks Rasha), Aurora Midwifery and Healthy Birth Choices ( Rhonda&Sue), as well as to my talented friend - Lea Romanowski (Designing On The Edge) for creating beautiful fresh flower crown & of course to my husband - Rafal - for taking the picture we could use for our promo poster:-)

I started this project by taking one-on-one Bikram yoga class with Lyndsay - twice a week in the morning (sometimes it's so hard for me to get up:-(. Lynsday is amazing instructor - and especialy because she had he daughter almost couple of years ago - she shares her joy with me also by encouraging me to take those hot yoga classes regularly. Apparently they help a lot, not only with your physical appearance - but mainly-it trains your brain how to stay focus&conscious and how to control your breathing - which I am sure will help me during delivery (thank God there is still few months ahead of me:-)I will try to share some pictures and maybe do a quick video demonstrating you some of the postures(that you can also do at home)!!

This week I had a chance to finally spoil myself by having extraordinary treatment at Diva Salon&Soa - Chinook location - with my favourite beauty practitioner&senior aesthetician - Sarah.
I am going to be seeing her once a month - for the next four months!!
This time we decided to do hand&foot treatments - so Aveda Foot Relieving Treatment - followed by shellac (which I've never done before).

Chinook is actually one of my favourite Diva's location - their spa is located on the upper level - and after changing in my robe (I had to take a picture!!) we went to the beauty room to do my for treatment!
First we've started with choosing the right combination of oils - and of course I went with "energizing one" (I need that constantly!). For those of you who have never been at any of Diva's salon - they are one of the city's only Aveda lifestyle salons, whose plant derived products will leave you looking and feeling your best!!

Aveda Foot Relieving Treatments are customized with Aveda's pure plant and flower products, for balance and recovery of hands and feet, combined with nail grooming.
I really enjoyed myself sitting on one of those comfortable massage chairs - while Sarah was making sure I am actually relaxing at the same time.
You can really "switch off", and after exfoliating your legs&feets with scrub & applying a lotion(mine was with mint scent - so cooling and refreshing) you feel like re-born!!

Although I am not a big fan of shellac - it might be a good option for you - expecting Moms - because as a great alternative to gel nails - if done properly - it can really give you a break from worrying about your nails&color for about 2 weeks!!

Diva Salon&Spa hand and foot care menu is quite extensive - it also have Caribbean Therapy hand&foot treatment, Botanical Skin Resurfacing hand&foot treatment and of course - artistic nails services!!

For more information - you can either visit Diva's website or call one of the 7 salons' locations!!!

Me&Sarah after the treatments - happy faces:-)

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