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This past Friday I had a pleasure to visit Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Regency in Calgary for some R&R time. I was little bit surprised when I was asked to come for my appointment at 8am - but that is the philosophy behind the Stillwater Sunrise Package - this luxurious experience that promises leaving feeling refreshed, alert and ready to impress is only available at that time of the day Monday through Thursday.
When I saw the package description I was happy to choose one from the signature treatments: Stillwater Manicure (60min), Stillwater Pedicure(60min) or Relaxation/Therapeutic massage (60min).
Because it's the end of summer and I run every day-I thought it would be the best to make my feet happy - so we booked their signature pedicure!!

The lounge at Stillwater Spa - Hyatt Calgary

 Right after entering the spa, I was welcomed by kind receptionist who confirmed my appointment and took me to the spa lounge room, where I could change and get ready to see my esthetician.
The room is not only very spacious&beautiful but also equipped with showers, steam room and whirlpool (wish I knew about it before I came that day to the spa - so I could plan my stay there longer...:-)

Tea choices at the Spa's lounge & my favourite - Geisha

Spacious change room, including whirlpool, steam room & showers

One of the relaxation spots at the spa - whirlpool:-)

After I changed(very quickly as I couldn't wait to relax!!), I got myself cup  of amazing green tea-Geisha(smell&taste delicious!) and was ready to see my esthetician - Sarah Thompson - who is the leading esthetician at the spa.
She took me through main resting area to the pedicure station(located upstairs)-and when I saw the pedicure chair(looked like leather sofa actually)I was already in heaven!
So comfortable and totally different than most of pedicure chairs you would see in any other spa places.

Stillwater Spa - pedicure station:-)

Sarah was very gentle yet very effective, explained a little bit more about the treatment itself (she used wonderfully smelling rose renewal peel on my feet and legs!) and after the whole procedure we finally put the colour on my nails - Deborah Lippmann nail selection is unbelievable and to be honest I had a tough time to choose one - but finally -with Sarah help-we ended up choosing "Lady is a tramp" (love the name by the way:-).

My happy feet after 60min of Stillwater Pedicure!

Some of the products used at the spa - Aromatherapy Associates line

Part of nail colour selection for sale featuring Deborah Lippmann 

Stillwater Spa has an extensive offer when it comes to treatments, including different type of body massages, body and face treatments (including wraps), nails services and waxing.
What really made my happy is to see quite few treatments for men!!

Beautiful Aromatherapy Associates gift from Stillwater Spa at Hyatt Calgary

Special ThankYou to Stillwater Spa management&Sarah for taking good care of me and of course - thoughtful gift!!!

If you would like to book an appointment at Stillwater Spa in Hyatt Regency in Calgary, you can simply do that via their website at:

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