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Spring&Fall are two seasons when fashion lovers wait for – this is the time of fashion weeks around the world. On May 6th, 2014 Łódź became the mekka of fashion, when  FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week started. And Fashion Calgary was among other International Media&Guests who arrived in the city to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the fashion week in Poland.

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week, started in 2009, is Poland’s largest fashion event, held regularly, twice a year in Łódź and presents the trends for the next half-year’s season. It became a perfect platform where art meets business.

The event promotes what is most fascinating and fresh in Polish fashion at prêt-à-porter shows by the acclaimed designers of DESIGNER AVENUEoff-fashion and debutants at the OFF Out Of Schedule shows,
and at the SHOWROOM fair, where designers have the opportunity to sell their original products directly to the event’s guests. There is also LET THEM KNOW offering training and seminars as well as Young Fashion Photographers Now exhibition with aim to promote young fashion photographers.
FashionCalgary was excited to attend the event for the first time and see collections of selected designers this past Friday. Hala Expo Lodz – was quite spacious venue – perfect for both runway fashion shows as well as  for displaying clothing&accessories presented by numerous of designers&brands.
The first show we’ve seen was showcase of Katarzyna Łęcka collection. Her FW 2015 ready-to-wear collection is an adventure in travel urban culture and feminity, presenting extreme attention to details&accessories – including jewelry, belts&shoes, that are made in Italy. One of the most edgy designers of the evening was – in our opinion – Pjotr - designer who represents modern concept of unisex style. His goal is to satisfy customer’s every day needs by offering products that can be worn together with their current wardrobe or mixed with the rest pieces from his collection. Lots of black&white as well as leather elements. We absolutely loved the makeup&hair styling, with the feature of long, straight blonde hair.
The next hour belong to Natalia Jaroszewska (, who is known on the Polish fashion scene for over last 10 years. She had a chance to present her collections in Vienna, Paris, Havana , London and few more places around the world. Her projects present 200%feminity and her style is always mixture of opposites, such as retro&sport, female&male, glamorous fabrics&heavy textures!
The last couple of fashion presentations gathered the biggest audience – it was the time of Natasha Pavluchenko & Łukasz Jemiol Basic. Natasha’s show started with enchanting music – where first model walked on the runway. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to hear about Natasha Pavluchenko (, she has been guest of many fashion week editions in Lodz, as well as the winner of many prestigious awards. Her collection, like all of them in the past, was very feminine as she designs for women who value classy yet high quality solution when it comes to wardrobe. And finally – the FINALE that belong to Lukasz Jemiol (, who showcased his Basic collection. His FW2014 is a proposition for contemporary urban nomads –active people who travel, enjoy new experiences and like to discover the world. High quality knitwear with added kashmir, the mix of wool and cotton are very appreciated. The different elements can be mixed and matched to create an individual image, with typical oversize line for unisex garments. Colours include creamy shades of white, delicate greying pinks and cold blueness, as well as black.
FashionCalgary was proud to be invited among other significant media&guests from all over the world and experience such a high quality presentation of fashion, style and glamour during FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week in Poland. Definitely, in our opinion, the key moments of the evening were runway shows when beautiful models presented interesting garments in magnificent light and sound, also thanks to the main partner of the event – Samsung.
We would like to congratulate the organizers&contributors of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week in Poland as well as thank them for giving us a chance to experience another interpretation of fashion world.
Katarzyna Łęcka FW2014 Collection 
 Photography: Łukasz Szeląg 

Pjotr FW2014 Collection

Natalia Jaroszewska FW2014 Collection 

Natasha Pavluchenko FW2014 Collection 

Łukasz Jemioł Basic FW2014 Collection

Photography: Łukasz Szeląg 

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