Monday, January 13, 2014


I know that, flat shoes is a hot(not necessary easy)topic for many women - some of them have either vowed to wear those kind of shoes only, other - banished them from their wardrobe entirely!

In my opinion - no matter how tall or short you are - flats should have a place in every woman's wardrobe and if worn correctly - those type of shoes can be as stylish (and fun) as our high heels!! Plus think about the comfort of wearing them!!!

Thought I would share with you few tips when it comes to wearing flats!

Since flats usually aren't as sexy as heels - look for those in more fashionable colours as well as you may want to focus on accents - like buckles, straps, gems or bows - which will add more interest to a pair of flats!

Having no heel on your shoes can make your legs look shorter - flats almost always look great when paired with pants - but when it comes to skirts - try to avoid wearing long one and go for "ballerina"look by choosing shorter skirts (above the knee).

Although I am more into classy elegance - last week I couldn;t help myself and bought pair of sparkling flats from Michael Kors (all in silver and I love small heel).
Because of type of work I do sometimes that requires to wear all black - I think those type of flats will add nice flare and hint of sophistication in entire look!! (p.s. when it comes to your wardrobe - try to avoid to be laud - but when it comes to your shoes?? - make them your fashion statement!!!)

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