Monday, June 17, 2013


 Espy and Cowboys are celebrating the Calgary Stampede early by teaming up to raise funds for 
#bikiniespy at a special Stampede Fashion Show and Fundraiser at Cowboys Nightclub
 on Wednesday, June 19, 2013. 

The STAMPEDE FASHION SHOW is a SNEAK PEAK at the clothing the #bikiniespy participants will receive as part of their involvement in the #bikiniespy lineup on July 6. 
You will get to see Cowboys models wearing looks 
from T. Swift, Boho Navajo, Spaghetti Western, and the ever popular Back in Black! 

The STAMPEDE FASHION SHOW will be modeled by the Cowboys staff and styled by espy, with help from Smithbilt Hats and Alberta Boot Company! 
The Cowboys Stars will be singing LIVE as they accompany the 
Cowboys models down the runway. Local blogger, Mr. Fabulous, will be hosting the event with the help of the beautiful Miss Camilla Di Giuseppe! 

4:30 -- Meet at Belgo on 8th ave sw. (Pregame drinks)
6:05 -- Limos whisks us away (10 people per limo)
6:30 -- Arrive at COWBOY'S for #bikiniespy fundraiser

7:15 --The STAMPEDE FASHION SHOW kicks off (Very easy on the eyes for both the ladies & gents) which showcases 4 great looks and live performances. 
9:00 -- The Swimco BIKINI FASHION SHOW

In addition to the Stampede Fashion Show, Espy and Cowboys are presenting a Silent Auction, open from 6pm to 8pm, filled with prizes that are sure to make Stampede 2013 a memorable one. 

Cost: $20 

For more information contact Tianna at:

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