Friday, May 31, 2013

Love Animals? Hate Animal Testing? The Body Shop Initiative...

The Body Shop has always been passionate Against Animal Testing.
They’ve never tested their products or ingredients on animals. All of The Body Shop products are certified under the Humane Cosmetics Standard, which is regarded as the highest standard for animal welfare in the cosmetics industry.

In Canada, animal testing for cosmetic products and ingredients is still allowed. But there are safe alternative ways of testing cosmetics without using animals and as of March 11 2013, the European Union has banned all animal testing for cosmetic purposes.

I was asked to add my voice to the call for our government to ban animal testing for cosmetics in Canada so I thought I would also share that with all of you!!!

To sign the pledge to stop Animal Testing in Canada you can visit any The Body Shop boutique  
In the last month, they’ve collected over 35,000 signatures across Canada. 
Every signature counts!!

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