Friday, November 16, 2012

NEWS FROM SOTHYS PARIS - Seasonal Facial Autumn-Winter 2012!!!

It is this time of the year-when we should pay more attention to our skin.
Sothys Paris came up with an original concept combining chronobiology and amazing flavours to reveal skin's radiance every season. Especially in Fall - our skin gets weaker;  in Winter - it slows down. Dull and tired - it needs to boost its defence system to face the attack of the cold season - well, especially in Calgary.

Our skin produces millions of toxins every day - excluding those that come from external factors such as stress and pollution. As the result - it is harder for the skin to renew itself. That is why the new Sothys solution is ideal to fight against all those concerns - the Blackberry&Apple oxygenating seasonal treatment is now available for You to try exclusively at selected SPA's that carry Sothys skincare line. This 45 minutes facial contains of scrub, mask and relaxing modelling
 for revitalised & resplendent skin.

To exceed Your expectations - you can follow the spa ritual by using home beauty kit, that includes Oxy-mineral treatment - with an essential dose of minerals that can be used with Your regular beauty ritual for 21 days. Containing a complex of antitoxins & a cocktail of minerals - it helps Your skin to cope with the attacks of winter and restores its radiance.
The second product to be used at home is 2-in-1 mask exfoliant - that contains grains to remove impurities from the skin. Used as a mask, it provides oxygen to the skin. Rich in pink clay - it makes Your skin soft and radiant!!

Although I didnt have a chance to try the SPA treatment on my own - I did use the home kit-and....what a beautifully radiant skin just after the first usage of this new skincare solution!!!

If You have any additional questions - send me an email to and I will more more than happy to guide You further:-)

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