Sunday, October 7, 2012


Last week I received an invitation from Sothys Paris to experience one of their signature facial treatments - C Renewal System - at one of the Spa's in Calgary - Victoire Esthetic.
It was my first time visit at the Spa and I have to admit - I had such a relaxing time while I was there!
The idea behind my trip to the SPA- was to share my honest opinion with You - both about the treatment as well as about the place!!

C Renewal Treatment aims at fighting with the process of aging, where the skin is attacked daily by aggressors in our environment and resulting in loss of vibrancy, elasticity and youthfulness.

I was so excited when I entered the Spa and i had a chance to meet both the Owner - Barbara as well as Spa Manager - Karen, who is also an esthetician doing my facial that day. The procedure took almost 2 hours - and not only I had a chance to switch off from my daily craziness but also what a big difference I could see looking at my face right after leaving the treatment room - my skin was definitely more radiant and hydrated!

But that is not the last step - to continue the procedure and achieve best results - I received 
the C Renewal Set to use every evening at home for 2 months. As we all know, it is the night time when the repairing and regenerative functions of the cells are more concentrated, making it the optimal time to fight the visible signs of aging. The C Renewal Line utilizes H2CR (Cell Health Restoring Complex) which contains messenger plant peptides and powerful natural anti - oxidants.

Kit includes: * C Renewal Microdermabrasion Mask, 6 doses: A self-heating microdermabrasion to exfoliate skin giving it a more even tone. * C Renewal Double Renewal System , .5 oz: A glycolic acid base peel to soothe and repair the skin. * C Renewal Continuous Renewal Care, 1.7 oz: Renewing night cream provides a glowing and revitalized youthful appearance the following morning.

If You are interested in trying the treatment on Your own - now You have a chance to WIN this exceptional SPA experience at Victoire Esthetic in Calgary!

All You have to do is send me an email to and share 
"what is Your favourite SPA treatment and why"????
The most interesting email - is going to WIN the Gift Certificate at the Victoire Esthetic (

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