Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This Spring of 2012 You will get obsessed with new products from
Yves Saint Laurent Skincare & Makeup world!!!
A positive outlook & freedom - this is YSL's attitude towards ageing which is not just a formula or a procedure but it coincides with the introduction of new expressions based on the power of newest technology within biology - glycobiology, which represents a decisive breakthrough - especially with regards to tissue structure organization, intracellular activity and communication between cells. Glycobiology gives the hope of developing new treatments which will eradicate the greatest pandemics of the XXI Century.

Characterized by boldness, a free spirit and a taste for challenge - Yves Saint Laurent backed by Loreal Research is decoding skin youthfulness in a radically different way.
Based on the latest discoveries in glycobiology for the skin,
FOREVER YOUTH LIBERATOR is formulated with an exclusive complex of active ingredients - glycans - that "unlock" cells and release youth-promoting messages.

The YSL Forever Youth Liberator line includes: Cleansing Foam / Lotion / Serum / Creme / Nutri Creme / Eye Creme / SPF 15 Creme / SPF 15 Fluid - so everyone will find products appropriate for their skin type.

As the star product of the Forever Youth Liberator line, the SERUM,
is at the core of the YSL beauty ritual as it has the highest concentration of specific ingredient - glycanactif - in the range.
YSL claims that the serum provides exceptional results, as following:

1. After the first dose - the complexion is evened out, skin is radiant and
facial features appear more relaxed;
2. In just 7 days - signs of fatigue are erased and skin is glowing with vitality.
It is more elastic, toned and already resculpted;
3. After 1 month - the skin seems stronger overall and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

All skincare products in the Forever Youth Liberator line feature a delicate fragrance
with floral notes and woody hints.
Moreover, both serum and creams are equipped with applicators which ensure
ultra-precise application: a dosing pipette or a spatula for a targeted application,
followed by a gentle massage.
Are you ready to see new discovery within the YSL makeup world???

YSL Beaute's Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain ($32) is a revolutionary new lip product that YSL says combines the texture and shine of a gloss with
the long wear of a stain!!
YSL created Glossy Stain to coat the lips with color, offering a lightweight texture that immediately melts into lips upon application.
Glossy Stain delivers intense, glossy color for an extremely long-lasting shine!!!

The collection will feature 19 shades, ranging from
No.1 Violet Edition to No.19 Beige Aquarelle.

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