Wednesday, August 10, 2011


My dear Friends and Followers!I had a chance to attend Live Cosmo YYC VIP Fashion/Art/Style Bloggers Hello as a introductory meet&greet event!!!

For those who haven't heard about the company in the past 4 months, Live Cosmo supports local merchants and small businesses by using a new business model - Daily Contests/Giveaways promoting (free of charge) local 'Cosmo' products/designers/stylist​s/artists/etc. services to Calgarians. The concept works as in a short time, we've grown from zero to thousands of followers using this concept. They’ve been listening to what Calgarians want since March 2011 and given away almost $75,000 worth of goods (from March through July) on behalf of hundreds of local merchants/events/partnerships, and had hundreds of local winners who get to experience these awesome giveaways.

The company’s vision is simple - Live Cosmo is in the business of promoting local, local, local. They do this by using online social media and local interaction/involvement as primary methods of reaching their target audienceto promote local brands,designers, products, events, concerts, etc. If you’re reading this on Facebook or Twitter and care about supporting local community, you’re their target audience.

Stay tuned for more fun contests, daily deals and awesome giveaways by following Live Cosmo via Twitter, Facebook or just sign up on their website (

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